Agnezmo with Batik Costume

“I see you’re lookin’ at my curves, coke bottle, I see you’re lookin’ at my curves, coke bottle” You may be familiar with this one piece of song lyric, yes, this is one piece of song lyrics in one of the music singles performed by international singers from Indonesia, Agnes Monica Muljoto or better known as nick Agnez Mo.

Agnezmo’s name is not a new thing for international music lovers as well as in Indonesia, with a myriad of works and achievements, Agnez Mo is known as a singer with extraordinary talent and can be coupled with international singers such as Timbaland, Christian Chavez, or Michael Bolton. The figure of the singer with an energic musical style often fills the international stage such as the American Music Awards held at Nokia Theater, Los Angeles, United States on November 21, 2010, ago.

Agnez Mo’s career journey is still going on as her achievements seem endless, this time Agnez Mo appeared in a fashion magazine and lifestyle Rogue Magazine.
The news of the emergence of the “Coke Bottle” singer in this magazine was revealed in recent Instagram Rogue Magazine uploads. Agnez Mo then re-upload the post. Quoted from its official Instagram account, @Roguemagazine, there are at least three photos of Agnez Mo who uploaded the magazine. For the cover of the magazine, Agnez Mo looks captivating posing with her hands on the left cheek wearing a dress that has a combination of white and black. With his cropped haircut and wearing red lipstick, Agnez looks so dazzling. Known, Rogue raised the story of some of the world’s most talented musicians, including Agnez Mo.
“Musician @agnezmo for @roguemagazine’s Summer Issue N ° 9, out now her 6-page story, link in bio We ship worldwide,” the magazine’s upload caption.

Not only that, two photos of Agnez Mo that Rogue uploaded enough to attract the attention of citizens. For the first photo upload, herself looks so charming, wearing a wig with a short model above the ear. She also uses a bling-bling jacket and a pair of brown glasses. Meanwhile, for the third upload, still with the same hairstyle as the first photo upload herself looks charming.

The magazine appeared in print for this summer, exactly June 15th. Agnez became one of the world musicians whose career journey discussed prestigious magazine. The magazine once discussed at least 40 of the world’s top artists in the music industry, including Madison Beer, Blake Anderson, Timothy Olyphant, Mena Suvari, Busy Philipps.
Not only that, world-famous musicians such as Patric Clarkson, Darren Criss, Tove Lo, Ross Butler, to Gillian Jacobs will also be discussed in the magazine.


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