Indonesian Restaurantm Locavore

Indonesian cuisine this year won international achievements, one of the restaurants in Indonesia, namely Locavore, located in Ubud, Bali, once again made a proud achievement on the international scene.

The restaurant, located on Jalan Dewisita No.10 Ubud, Gianyar, is back on the list of the 50 Best Restaurants in Asia and this year they are ranked 21st or up one rank compared to last year.

Locavore also became the only Indonesian restaurant to be included in the list, so they automatically also received the title of the Best Restaurant in Indonesia, the World’s 50 Best version, according to a release received by VIVA, Wednesday, March 28, 2018.

For information, so far Locavore is known as a restaurant that serves a variety of European dishes inspired by Indonesian cuisine. Many restaurant visitors say that Locavore has the most beautiful and creative dishes in the world. The cooks at the restaurant also always try their best to use local ingredients for cooking.

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This year is Locavore’s third year on the ranking list, following its debut at number 49 in 2016 and then 22 in 2017. Previously, the Mozaic restaurant in Ubud was ranked 50 in 2013, followed by Sarong at number 47 in 2014. They managed to jump far from 49th position to 22nd in Asia within a year.
The name Locavore was immediately added to the site of the world’s most hits culinary guide,

one of the menus in Locavore

For information, Locavore has also reaped other proud achievements on the international scene. Previously, this restaurant was also ranked second in the list of the 10 Best Restaurants in the World TripAdvisor version in 2016.

“The quality of service and the taste of the food, everything is cool. The standard is very high in terms of architecture and interior. The appearance and taste of the food have also been widely praised by thousands of foreign tourists from various parts of the world, “said the Head of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism’s Shopping and Culinary Acceleration Tourism Team, Vita Datau Mesakh last year while commenting on the success of Locavore.
In addition Locavore is also ranked in the 50 Best 2018 Restaurants in Asia by William Reed Business Media. William Reed is a family owned and operated business with several offices spread across the world such as in the United Kingdom, the United States, France, and Singapore. Founded in 1862, in 2012 then the 150th anniversary of William Reed played in the business world.

The business run by William Reed is well known for The Grocer and Restaurant Magazine with a portfolio that includes print, events, exhibitions, and digital products, especially in the food, beverage and hospitality sectors.


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