One of the footage of the avenger: end game

There are many ways for everyone to get pleasure in life, one of which is through entertainment. The most popular entertainment for most people is watching movies. In watching movies, everyone has their own tastes in determining the type or genre in a film. Like the film that was viral in 2019, which was only released in April, which is nothing but a sequel to the film from the Avenger, End Game.

This fantasy/sci-fi genre movie is currently the most hunted movie ticket by film lovers around the world. The action of Tony Stark and friends in defeating his main enemy Thanos who wants to dominate the world is spectacularly packaged by displaying CGI effects and captivating visual effects. But do you know, behind the sophisticated CGI effects and visuals that spoil the eyes of the audience of the film, it turns out there is an Indonesian role?

Denny Ertanto besides Iron Man’s Poster

He is Denny Ertanto, who for the second time was involved in a Marvel film project. If you watch Avengers: Endgame until the credit title ends, then you will find the name Denny Ertanto who is involved in making special effects. Through his personal Instagram account, Denny uploads a portrait of a cinema screen that displays his name among the names of other crew members.

Denny’s instastory

Although not involved in the full special Avengers: Endgame effect, but Denny Ertanto should be proud because he succeeded in working on the effects for the crucial scenes in the film, namely the ultimate battle part. The name Denny Ertanto is arguably one of the Indonesian VFX artists whose career was successful in Hollywood.

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The man who was born in Jakarta in 1989 was quite known as an Indonesian artist VFX. His career skyrocketed in Hollywood, but he settled in New Zealand. Because indeed, the office where he works Weta Digital is in New Zealand.

Deni once said he was lucky to be able to get the chance to get involved in the Avengers movie, let alone edit one of the most important parts of the story. Working on the part he called a ‘super major spoiler,’ it did not make Denny know the storyline of the film before it was released.

“I’m curious about the journey from the beginning to my part,” he said, claiming he knew nothing about the whole plot. It takes about 1-2 weeks, even up to 4 months to work on each scene that becomes part of it. Although it is undeniable that there are certain difficulties, Denny remains happy and enjoys this project, because for him, there are always new things he can learn.

As a vfx artist who has been involved in Hollywood since 2011, Denny said he was very enthusiastic about the audience’s reaction. He claimed to want to know their reaction when he saw the work of himself and the team.

“In any part, I’m happy to be able to work in the Avengers movie. But this time it happened to be the part where one of the most important parts of the film, especially in the final part of the final battle. I just wondered what the audience’s reaction would be to the scenes I knew, “said the man who is now helping the Gemini Man film directed by Ang Lee.


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