Indonesian rock climbing athlete, Aries Susanti Rahayu

Indonesia again adds to the list of people – achievers in the international arena, this time the exciting news coming from rock climbing sport. Aries Susanti Rahayu or familiarly called Ayu brilliantly managed to donate the gold medal for the world speed record number at the World Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) World Cup climbing event in Chongqing, China, which ended on Sunday (6/5/2018) night. In the final round, he beat Elena Timofeeva of Russia with a time of 7.51 seconds versus 9.01 seconds.

The girl from Taruman Village, Klambu Sub-district, Grobogan District, Central Java became the fastest participant in the Speed Climbing Performance category contest at the World Climbing Rock Climbing – IFSC World Cup 2018 in Chongqing, China.

Ayu while standing in the first champion podium

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Because of the action that made the audience stunned, Ayu was nicknamed Indonesian Spiderman because of her speed in climbing the vertical wall as high as 50 feet in a matter of time 7.51 seconds. Ayu creeps dynamically almost flawlessly against the effects of gravity outperforming her opponent. Ayu’s speed is close to the world record ever incised by Russian athlete Iulina Kaplina with a time of 7.46 seconds. Iulina Kaplina as world record holder also appeared in this championship but left in the preliminary round.

According to her mother, Ayu started her career in sports since she was in 5th grade. At that time Ayu pursues the sport to run to win various championships. Until now, Ayu who stepped on semester 3 at the University of Muhammadiyah Semarang, Central Java is still often exercising run.

“At the moment, I still run when I go home. Junior high school, Ayu follow extracurricular volleyball and grade 2 directed her teacher to rock climbing sport. Since then she continues to win in rock climbing, ranging from national, Asia and internationally. The medals are dozens of mas, “explained her mother

Pushing the adrenaline-racing sport turned out to be a blessing for the youngest of couple S Sanjaya (55) and Maryati (46). The money that Ayu earned for her work in winning the rock climbing competition she collects for the provision of continuing her studies to the level of college. “Money from the effort Ayu used to finance her own college without the

inconvenience of his parents,” said Maryati. Since becoming a student, Ayu rarely returned home because she should focus on rock climbing practice with other climbing athletes. Currently, Ayu’s position is still in China. Coming back from China, Ayu also still have to re-train to prepare physically to compete in the Asian Games.


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