The participating countries of the 2018 World Scholar's Cup

The proud news this time came from the 2018 World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) international debate competition event. A total of 38 Indonesian students from 4th to 11th grade who were all students from Sevilla Global School participated in the debate competition and successfully brought 112 gold and 88 silver medals. The proud students performed brilliantly by showing the quality of their insights in each – still the competition category.

Indonesian students who participated in the WSC 2018 event

The categories contested in the competition are debates about global issues, general knowledge tests, and essay writing. Head of Global Sevilla Pulomas School, Purborini Sulistiyo explained, before advancing to the final round at Yale University, United States, they must conduct a regional level preliminary round in Jakarta and at the global level in Melbourne, Australia. “This is the fifth generation of our participation in the WSC, and in 2018 yesterday has brought extraordinary achievements,” Purborini Sulistiyo said in Jakarta on Wednesday (1/16).

Purborini said, the participation of students in various types of true competition is not merely to test students’ academic abilities. Instead, there are character values ‚Äč‚Äčthat will be built, such as self-confidence and mutual respect between each other.

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Indonesian students win trophies and medals at World Scholar’s Cup 2018

“The competition can change character, from shy children to being confident to appear with their abilities. So that not only seen from the academic side, but also build their character and personality,” said Purborini.

“The debate material was only given shortly before the race. We were given a little time to prepare various data from the internet as data material to be used as statements in the debate,” said Davi Pandi, a 10th grade student who successfully donated 11 gold medals. He said that the toughest rival came from fellow Asian countries, namely Singapore, India and Turkey.

Alifito, a grade 10 student who won 10 gold medals added, “For the essay-making contest, Turkey is a strong rival. And of course friends from Singapore. In Singapore, WSC is included in the curriculum and English has become the language of the mother. we WSC still become extra-curricular. ” “But thanks to perseverance, tenacity and hard work we have succeeded in proving that Indonesian students are not inferior to students from other countries and we have won gold,” Alifito said proudly.

The WSC event which was held on November 16-21 2018 at Yale University in the United States was a debate, essay and smart competition followed by over 3,000 students from 50 countries. In this competition, the WSC took the theme “The An Entangled World” which invites students from all countries to see the differences in the world as a unifying thing.

In addition to being a place to prove achievements, the WSC TOC is also an opportunity for Global Sevilla students to gain international experience and exposure. “We got to know other countries’ students. Knowing different cultures and characters. Not only competing but we also built friendships. And most importantly, we learned to see every difference, whether differences of opinion in debates or cultural differences, not as things which distanced but actually united, “explained Angelica Marta, an 11th-grade student who donated 10 gold medals.

Besides international experience, Michael Thia, Global Superintendent Sevilla, said that this achievement showed that schools needed to develop other talents besides students’ academic talents. “The hope is more than just academic questions in schools or subject examinations. Learning must be meaningful so that our students do not become robots. Learning must also be fun,” Michael said.


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