Cindy Diah Ayu Fitriana (2015 Agroecotechnology majoring in Pests and Plant Diseases) and Achmad Roekhan (2017 Agroecotechnology) who managed to bring home the gold medal in The 2018 International Young Innovators Summit (IYIS)

Indonesian students again make Indonesia’s proud. 2 delegates from the Faculty of Agriculture (FP) Brawijaya University (UB) won a gold medal in the category of The Most Impactful Innovation and Special Award in the 2018 International Young Innovators Summit (IYIS) which took place on October 8 – October 11 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. Cindy Diah Ayu Fitriana (2015 Agroecotechnology) and Achmad Roekhan (2017 Agroecotechnology) successfully won the gold medal in the international competition.

By taking the title “Omah Lestari: Empowerment of Village Brawijaya University’s Forest Community based on PANCASILA as a local wisdom to realize SDG’s 2030”, they contested innovation in community empowerment in the UB Forest Area in an effort to reduce world poverty problems based on local wisdom Indonesia.

Omah Lestari is a home concept by utilizing the diversity of forest insects as handicrafts and forest honey bee cultivation. The cultivation of forest honey bees in UB Forest has the potential to boost the village economy.

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“The cultivation of Trigona sp forest honey bees in UB Forest has the potential to boost the village economy. This is because, one of the sources of Trigona sp bee nectar is coffee flower nectar whose availability is abundant in UB Forest, “She said, quoted by Okezone from UB’s website, Thursday (10/18/2018)

In addition, continued Cindy, abundant arthropod diversity in the UB Forest area opens up business opportunities in increasing the income of rural communities.

The 2018 International Young Innovators Summit (IYIS) competition was attended by 50 elected delegates from all countries. Indonesia itself sent 11 delegation representatives. They come from four teams from UB, two teams from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), three teams from the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB), one from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) and one from the University of Indonesia (UI) and 39 from students from the country other.

Of the 50 delegates, they competed for ten gold medals for 5 categories including; The most impactful innovation, Best solution, Best Idea Innovation, Most creative innovation, and The most outstanding innovation.

The program aims to connect young people to the global network, learn from developed countries and understand not only the theory but also the practice of innovation. Visiting one of the best universities in Japan, learning how to live there, visiting companies will help make decisions for their future.


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