Medalists at the Genius Olympiad 2019 event

Indonesia again showed its excellence in participating in international competitions which were attended by various foreign students. Indonesia, represented by several well-known high schools in Indonesia, managed to be the best in the prestigious international competition “GENIUS Olympiad” in Oswego, United States which took place 17-22 June 2019. GENIUS Olympiad is a project-based competition for high school students and this year is followed by around 1,400 participants from 75 countries around the world. This year there are 5 contested categories including Science, Art, Business, Creative and Robotics.

Kharisma Bangsa High School students, South Tangerang, won 14 medals at the GENIUS Olympiad international competition in Oswego, United States which took place June 17-22 2019. (DOC. SMA KHARISMA BANGSA)

One of the proud achievements was Reyna Kamila and Siti Halimah, third and second-grade students of SMA Kharisma Bangsa, South Tangerang, who each won a gold medal in the field of Creative Writing. They both raised the theme of environmental issues that were content in their writing.

Starting from her concern with the dirty sea water, Reyna poured her concerns in a piece of poetry paper and told her concerns in front of the jury and the attendees. “The Jakarta Sea is no longer clean, unlike when I was a child, often to Ancol and the sea is still good. Usually we can step on the sand softly on the beach, but this is scattered with garbage, walking is difficult, uncomfortable” Reyna said in Jakarta Monday, July 1, 2019. “Even when I got the inspiration I only did it overnight, thank God it turned out to be a finalist to go to New York, unexpectedly also get gold,” he explained.

 The condition is sad, Reyna said, actually it doesn’t only happen in Jakarta. To deepen his observations, Reyna also visited the beaches in Bali. “Bali has also started to get dirty, but it’s not as bad as in Jakarta,” said the birth of Jakarta, May 3, 2003.

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Similarly, Siti Halimah raised a similar theme but from a different perspective, namely the destruction of forests. “I raised the destruction of the earth from the point of view of plants or Mother Earth,” Halimah said.

In addition to Reyna and Halimah, the gold medalist, Kharisma Bangsa school also won several medals and awards at the 2019 international GENIUS event. Awarded Honorable Mentions: Nurul Fathiah (Art – Poster design), Rayhan Adnan Musthafa & M Soleh Bagja (Business), Egalita Azzahra & Az Zahra Khoirurrizqa Fadiya (Business), Keylana Aretha & Hanifah Febri Annisa (Business), Casey Fadhilla Nathania & Love Loisa Putri Samad (Music) and M Ilham Khalifah (Music). Winners of Bronze Medals: M Azfa Ardhi & Ahmad Kemal Saladin (Business), Fika Karlin Kinanti, Michelle Zahra A.R (Business) and Nabila Azzah Danitry (Short films). Silver medals winner: Selma Najma Fiansa & Fathimah (Business), Camilla Basuki (Business), Nadissa Regina Putri (Art – Poster design) and winner Acceptance award: Ahmad Kemal Saladin.

Another delegation, won two silver and one bronze in the field of science. The two medals were won by Naufalia Brillianti Sambowo from SMAN 2 Depok with the achievement of the Silver medal in the field of technology, with the title Reducing Water Pollution Using Ardino Based Automatic Water Gate and Filtration System.

 While Katrina Angelie Sukardi and Tasya Horax from Gembala Baik High School won the Silver Medal in the field of biology with the title Activity and Effectiveness of the Soursop Leaf test. Next, Laksita Kirana Candraditya Anindyanari and Farahiyah Sharfina Saputri from SMAN 6 Yogyakarta won the Bronze Medal in Biology with the title: Smart Chemical Liquid Chelita.


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