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If human resources in Indonesia can be exploited properly by the government, it is not impossible that Indonesia will be able to compete with technological developments that become a challenge for the world in this globalization era. A large number of human resource potentials from academics as well as from laypeople is poorly explored and supported so that many of those with special potential and talent prefer to work abroad. But it is still any hope after now the government gives space for those who want to develop their potential in their respective fields.

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The exciting news came from Gajah Mada University Students who competed in the international robot contest, Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest in the United States. In the robot competition, Indonesian representatives won gold medals for the category of legged robot or fire fighting. The competition took place on 7-8 April at the Oosting Gymnasium, Trinity College Ferris Athletic Center, Hartford, Connecticut, USA. There, UGM robot team consisting of Atin Yudi Wibowo (Diploma in Electrical Engineering of Vocational School UGM, as Team Leader), Adien Gumilang (Electrical Engineering Bachelor Degree, Faculty of Engineering UGM), Dani Setyawan ( Mechanical Engineering Bachelor Degree, Faculty of Engineering UGM), Habib Astari Adi (Electronics and Instrumentation Bachelor Degree, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UGM) was accompanied by the Dean of Vocational School, Dr. Wikan Sakarinto, as Supervisor and Dr. Rachmat Sriwijaya as the Chairman of Gadjah Mada Robotic Team managed to show a proud performance.

The UGM robot team in this competition won two titles at once for two teams, Al Fatih team, and 1-DA team. Both competed in the Fire-fighting Walking Division category. In this competition, both teams are required to be able to make robots that can turn off the fire inside the house. The challenge is how to make the robot able to avoid various obstacles that exist in the house such as walls, furniture, animals and various other obstacles before it can finally turn off the fire.

UGM team when assembling robot in the Trinity College Fire-Fighting Home Robot Contest competition

Dean of Vocational School of UGM, Dr. Wikan Sakarinto revealed that it did not expect to win. Because the legged robot named Al Fatih had experienced problems due to the management of the plane that is not good luggage. “There’s a broken part of the robot after getting out of the trunk,” Wikan said.
Wikan relates that a suitcase containing two robots carried by the team is not allowed on the top of the aircraft cabin. The officers insisted that the suitcase enter the trunk of the plane. “US immigration officials in Abu Dhabi insist on banning the robot suitcase from entering the cabin, although the sticker” Fragile “still cannot be sure our suitcases are thrown, stacked and bumped,” he said.

As a result, arriving in the United States, one part of the robot there is broken. Team members were hesitant and a little disappointed because they have not participated in the race actually faced a problem. They finally hope that repair using glue for the broken part can bring good luck. “I encourage them, hopefully, glue to bring blessings, never mind, just glued and heated with a hair dryer, I ask the children to be confident to perform optimally tomorrow,” said Wikan.

In that competition, UGM robot team must pass three random sound wave test with robot condition on. The rule turned out to make the students have to reassemble the sound sensor on the robot, but the remaining time is very limited. “Forced to disassemble the sound sensor, we only carry four sensors from two robots, ideally six sensors for two robots, until finally the two robots are declared feasible.” clearly Wikan.

After going through various struggles, and competing with 60 other teams from the USA, Canada, China, Ethiopia, Israel, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, and other countries finally UGM robot team managed to be the best. According to Wikan, this achievement deserves to be appreciated after seeing the struggle of the students to get away and won the championship. This achievement can be a pride for young people in Indonesia.

Trinity College Fire-Fighting Home Robot Contest (TCFFHRC) itself is a robot contest that has been held since 1994. Now the contest is followed by hundreds of robot teams from various countries in the world and from various age ranges. The competition seeks to test how superior the robot works are made by the participants who are generally students of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


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