Basudewa Team who won second place in Worldwide Ferry Safety Design Competition

It seems that the dream of Indonesia to make ocean power into the maritime axis of the world is nothing impossible. Joko Widodo’s new innovation Presidential policy became an inspirational magnet for the community to support and contribute to this prospective program. One of them is done by the Students of the Department of Shipping Engineering and Shipping System Engineering Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya who formed in a team called Basudewa. The students managed to bring pride to Indonesia by winning the second place in the prestigious Worldwide Ferry Safety Design Competition held by the Worldwide Ferry Safety Association in New York, USA.

The Basudewa Team Consist of Jangka Ruliyanto, Raja Andhika RR, Rahmat Diko Edfi, Novario Adiguna P, Alvinur, Yudha A and Riyan Bagus P. The students of this country’s pride succeeded in designing the vessel by considering the safety factor, environmental friendliness, ease of manufacture, and generosity of manufacture cost. The ship was named Archimaiden.

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Archimaiden Basudewa’s design team has several advantages, among them, on the stability, ship construction, and conformity with the character of the dock and sea on the waves in the Strait of Singapore as the location of the case study.

Archimaiden Basudewa’s design team

The Archimaiden ship has fire extinguishers and evacuation routes as safety standards, in addition, the vessel is powered by twin-screw water jet technology using hybrid fuel as a source of energy. The use of hybrid fuel is considered more efficient in terms of operational costs compared to other Singapore Straits ferry. Even savings could reach 17.21 percent.
Worldwide Ferry Safety Design Competition itself is participated by 19 other countries such as US, Germany, France, Netherlands, and other developed countries. This is a pride for the team of ITS, because it is able to surpass the famous developed countries with the latest technology. According to Agoes Santoso, one of the guides of the Basudewa team, the 19 countries participating in this competition are all ready with the quality of results and mental. “We did not expect to get second place. What we are cultivating is the continuing spirit to produce ship design that is comfortable, reliable, environmentally friendly and efficient, “explained the Siskal lecturer.

Meanwhile, Head of Department of Shipping Engineering ITS, Dr Eng M Badrus Zaman added that world-level competition in the maritime technology sector should be frequently followed. It is also in order to show the world that Indonesia, in this case ITS, can compete on the world level. “This momentum also shows that Indonesia is ready to become a maritime axis of the world,” said the doctor graduated from Kobe University, Japan.


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