Tita Oxa Anggrea and Frankstein Arphan received awards at the International Oil and Gas event

Indonesia again won appreciation in the eyes of the world, this time through the International Oil and Gas competition held in Dehradun, India. Indonesia, represented by students of ITS (Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology) consisting of students from the Physics-Engineering Department, Tita Oxa Anggrea and Frankstein Arphan, students of the Department of Geophysical Engineering, were able to win eight awards at once.

The competition this year titled Empowering the Unconventional took place for a week and ended on February 20 yesterday and was attended by 300 participants from various parts of the world. The participating participants have set aside hundreds of other participants in the abstract escape stage. In this competition, the innovations of the participants in the fields of oil and gas technology were pitted to be the best for each other.

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One of the team members, Tita Oxa Anggrea explained that for 1.5 years her team had provided all the material they wanted to compete. Not only preparation from herself and her colleagues, also contributed PT SIER Surabaya and PT PLN in providing material support or knowledge in the process of her victory.

“In this competition, we have to compete with teams from seven countries that are strong in the oil and gas fields such as Russia, Australia, Nepal, India, China, Malaysia and Indonesia themselves,” said the student who is often called Ocha in a press release. received by AFP via ITS Public Relations, Friday (2/22/2019).

In this competition, there are several categories, including the Shell Innovation Challenge. In this event, the participants were required to provide innovation with the freedom of budget funding needs. The ITS team managed to enter the top five to the final stage to present it.

“Even at that time, the General Manager of Shell also appreciated our concept, because the concept we are carrying is very relevant to the needs of the oil and gas industry today,” explained the 1998-born student who also represented Indonesia at the Miss Global International 2018 in the United States.

In contrast to other participants who were still discussing conventional technology, the ITS team raised the concept of using artificial intelligence (AI) in the petroleum industry and the development of potential reservoirs or storage to accumulate unconventional oil and gas. The absence of a boundary between humans and technology during the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is currently behind the innovation of the importance of using AI in oil and gas companies.

Ocha also added that this innovation is a form of combination between AI technology that has developed rapidly with the method of exploration or the search for natural resources beneath the earth’s surface. That way, exploration can be achieved with a shorter use of time and lower costs.

Sharp opinions, critical thoughts and deep analysis of cases are the main weapons to compete in the forum. While in the Smart Competition, participants compete quickly and precisely in answering a number of questions about the knowledge of oil and gas proposed.

Excellent in terms of innovation, topic suitability, as well as the ability to think critically and quickly produce proud results for the ITS team. Occupying the 1st runner-up of the General Champion, the ITS team contributed eight awards to Indonesia.

Among them were Champion 2 of the Shell Innovation Challenge, Champion 2 of Baker Hughes General Electric Symposium, Champion 3 of the Smart Competition, Champion 1 Paper Competition Category: Exploration, Champion 1 Paper Competition Category: HSE, Champion 1 Poster Competition Category: Exploration, Champion 2 Paper Competition Category: Reservoir and Champion 3 Paper Competition Category: Production.

A sense of pride attached to the chest of the ITS delegation team. The struggle of the ITS team following nine race categories with only two people turned out to still prove the greatness of the nation’s children in the eyes of the world.


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