The Mathematics Education Clinic Mathematics Olympiad Team (KPM) won an achievement in the International Mathematics Wizards Challenge (IMWIC) event

Indonesia again brought proud news in the international competition. This time the event came from the International Mathematics Wizards Challenge (IMWIC) 2019 June 15-18 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In the IMWIC 2019 event, the Indonesian Team won 4 gold medals, 10 silver medals and 17 bronze medals and 6 merits.

The Indonesian team was represented by the MIPA Educational Clinical Mathematics Olympiad Team (KPM) consisting of 37 students and 4 assistants. The team was also accompanied by 4 companions. All participants were trained by the MIPA Education Clinic, under the care of the National and International Mathematics Olympiad coach, Raden Ridwan Hasan Saputra.

In the competition there was 1 participant who won the Grand Champion award for class 5, on behalf of Amanda Mishal Munandar from SDN Menteng 01 Jakarta. Muchammad Fachri as the Team Leader said, the IMWIC competition is a math competition held every year in different countries.

This competition is not only a mathematical competition, but also an arena of friendship, knowledge exchange, and culture. This was reflected in the cultural appearance of each country during the Prize Giving Ceremony and the exchange of souvenirs between participants.

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Meanwhile, the number of participants who participated in the international event were 653 participants from 7 countries, namely China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Thailand.

Much Fachri explained that in order to be able to solve the questions in this competition, it was not enough to have mastery of theories in mathematics course only, but it requires flying hours to practice answering questions and participating in math competitions. Because in this way will form thinking maturity, and strong mentality.

“We thank you for the support and prayers of parents, teachers and parties who have helped implement IMWIC 2019 activities, hopefully this achievement will give encouragement and blessing to all of us,” concluded this Bogor Agricultural University alumnus.

Even though in the atmosphere of competition, it did not diminish the sense of togetherness that has been woven since quarantine. As expressed by Amanda Mishal Munandar. The student from Menteng 01 Jakarta Elementary School donated 1 gold medal and 1 grand champion trophy for Indonesia in the event. His first trip to the country of Jiran finally had sweet fruit. In addition, this 5th grade student claimed to be grateful for being able to enjoy the trip.

“I didn’t expect to finally get a gold medal and grand champion. During the activity I enjoyed every activity of walking, riding rides to eating, “Amanda said.

Meanwhile, Taqaufa Sadiid Priya Prasetyo, the silver medalist, admitted that the results he got were increasingly adding motivation to study. in addition to the preparations that have been made since long ago, Taqa was very enthusiastic about participating in quarantine with KPM. It is not only a matter of learning mathematics, during quarantine you can feel many benefits.


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