Indonesian Traditional Alcoholic Beverage, Balinese Arak

For western people’s habit of drinking alcohol is one of their lifestyle, either just to warm themselves, release stress, or complement at a time when hanging out with friends. In their country they are very easy to buy alcoholic beverages because it has become one of the main needs of the community there and there is no strict ban imposed by the government. If you are on a vacation to the tropics of Southeast Asia especially in Indonesia, you may find it hard to find a store that sells alcoholic beverages, because alcoholic beverages in Indonesia have a negative stigma in the community.

But you do not have to worry, Indonesia itself has a traditional alcoholic beverage called Balinese Arak. Arak is a distilled alcoholic beverage classified as a type of liquor that is usually produced in Southeast Asian and South Asian countries. Balinese Arak is usually distilled from glutinous rice or palm sugar, then mixed with flowers and fruit from palm trees. The alcohol content is quite high ie up to 50 percent. Traditionally, this drink is used as wasps, ie offerings to the gods during religious rituals. Today, even upscale places in Bali serve a mixture of wine.

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Balinese people believe that the Balinese arak is protected by the power of the God of Fire Arak or commonly called Ida Bhatara Arak Api which is a palace in a family temple or dadia named Njung Pura. Drinks of wine have been known throughout the region in Bali because of this wine as a type of drink used as a offerings (tabuh) together with brem and palm wine at traditional and religious ceremonies. Drink wine if not consumed excessively believed efficacious for parents and adults to warm the body, relieve nausea and other traditional remedies.

The production of liquor in Indonesia is generally prohibited, but different from that of Bali. Arak Bali actually made one by – by the typical Balinese for the tourists who come to Bali. Besides consumed for drinking and as part of the religious ceremony offerings, Bali’s arak is also believed to be warmer to relieve itching.

One of the famous arak makers in Bali is Arak Bali Karangasem. For those of you who are in Bali, can come directly to Dewi Sri factory outlet located in Sanur, Bali. With the widest and fastest network, you can take advantage of google maps to come directly to its shop.


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