Traditional Indonesian Appetizer, serabi

Indonesia is a country crossed by the equator, so it is possible that this country is abundant by a variety of natural source. Because of the enormous amount of natural resources in Indonesia, this country has a variety of culinary types that may not all you can taste one by one for the rest of your life. But do you know, of the many culinary that you can taste, there’s nothing wrong if you try one of Indonesian Appetizer which is characteristic of one city in Indonesia, namely serabi.

The word serabi is taken from the Sundanese language which means “sura” or large. Serabi has been a popular Indonesian appetizer since 1923. The origin of serabi is still disputed.
Some say the pancake comes from India, but there is also a saying pancake get the influence of pancakes that come from the Netherlands.

The serabi shape is similar to pancakes, it’s just smaller and thicker. Generally, the serabi batter is made from rice flour butter, and eggs as the main ingredient. The dough is then molded in a mold made of clay and burned using a furnace or firewood.

Traditionally, serabi is usually served with a sauce made from Java sugar and coconut milk called kinca. Over time, now many modifications of serabi are added various kinds of sweet and salty topping, such as cheese, meat, corn, and others. And served with additional mayonnaise or chocolate sauce.

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There are many kinds of serabi in Indonesia, such as serabi Solo, serabi Jakarta, serabi Bandung, serabi Mataram, and modern serabi. However, only two types of serabi are quite famous in Indonesia, namely serabi Bandung and serabi Solo. Both types of serabi have different, both from ingredients to different presentation. If the serabi Bandung using wheat flour as the main ingredient, then serabi Solo using rice flour as the main ingredient.

Solo Serabi
Jakarta Serabi
Mataram Serabi
Bandung Serabi

For presentation, the serabi Bandung is usually served with a kinca, whereas in the serabi solo, the coconut milk is added to the dough.

There is another serabi Minang that often found in Medan, North Sumatra. This serabi is usually served with a sauce made from a mixture of sugar and fruits, serabi with durian sauce is the most frequently searched serabi type.

Minang Serabi

So, have you determined when you taste this one Indonesian appetizer?


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