Eko Yuli Irawan, Weightlifting gold medalist in the Asian Games 2018

Indonesia again added the gold purses at the Asian Games 2018 weightlifting branch. Eko Yuli Irawan added to the Indonesian gold collection at the 2018 Asian Games. Eko appeared as a champion in the 62 kg weightlifting sport.
Compete in Hall A, JIExpo, Jakarta, Tuesday (08/21/2018) afternoon local time, Eko started well when he recorded a snatch of 141 kg and 170 kilograms of clean and jerk with a total force of 311 kilograms. The lifting puts him in the top position. The 29 years Lifter was able to defeat the representative of Vietnam Van Vinh Trinh who managed to do a total force of 299 kilograms. While the bronze medal was taken by Lifter Uzbekistan Adkhamjon Ergashev.

Indonesian weightlifting athlete, Eko Yuli Irawan appeared in the men’s number of 63 kg 2018 Asian Games at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Tuesday (08/21/2018)

The gold medal won by Eko Yuli is very historic. Because this is the first time Indonesia has been able to win gold from the weightlifting branch at the Asian Games. Previously, Indonesia collected five silver and 13 bronze at the Asian Games.

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After the match, Jokowi was asked to hand over the medal directly to the winner. Jokowi, wearing a red jacket, stepped forward. First, he handed the bronze medal to the lifter from Uzbekistan. The silver medal was handed over to the lifter from Vietnam. Finally, Jokowi drew the gold medal directly into Eko Yuli’s neck. After the submission, the song Indonesia Raya reverberated.

submission of a gold medal by the president of the Indonesia Republic Joko Widodo

The name of Eko Yuli Wirawan is already familiar in the world of weightlifting. Since his success at the 2007 SEA Games in Thailand ago, Eko has steadily called himself a lifter. Before successfully becoming a lifter, Eko spent his days pastoring family goats.

Coming from a poor family from Lampung, Eko and his family only had four goats as the only family property. In fact, because he does not have a stable, Eko and his family must be willing to gather with their goats when the rain falls. In between herding goats, Eko used the time to practice.

The name of Eko Yuli Wirawan became the only weightlifter capable of winning gold medals in succession in the three Olympic tournaments he participated in. He successfully presented a silver medal for Red and White in the Rio 2016 Olympics for the men’s number 62 kilogram category, in August 2.


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