Bawah Reserve on the Riau Islands. Photo: Instagram/@bawahreserve

The beauty of the diversity of Indonesia’s tourist destinations again became the world’s spotlight after Indonesia’s tourism was chosen as the favorite country of choice for foreign media readers Conde Nast Traveler. Every year Conde Nast Traveler routinely conducts readers’ choice surveys about the world of tourism. This year is the 32nd time they hold the survey. Conde Nast Traveler has released the latest survey results on Monday (7/10). Indonesia is ranked first in the ‘Top 20 Countries in the World: Readers’ Choice Awards 2019 category.’

Through a voting system of 600,000 Conde Nast Traveler readers, Indonesia has topped the category of the 20 best countries in the world with the 2019 reader version with the highest points, which is 92.78. The second rank is occupied by neighboring Thailand, followed by Portugal in third. Another neighboring country of Indonesia that has also made it into the prestigious list is the Philippines ranked eighth.

Of course, this is proud news for Indonesia, as well as proving that tourism in the country has reached the global level and is recognized worldwide. Here is the complete list:

1. Indonesia 92.78

2. Thailand 92.37

3. Portugal 91.94

4. Sri Lanka 91.79

5. Afrika Selatan 91.59

6. Peru 91.28

7. Yunani 91.18

8. Filipina 90.63

9. Italia 90.62

10. Vietnam 90.46

11. Turki 90.15

12. Jepang 89.74

13. Meksiko 89.7

14. Tanzania 89.62

15. Israel 89.54

16. Kolombia 89.41

17. Selandia Baru 89.11

18. Irlandia 89.08

19. Kamboja 89.03

20. Kroasia 88.83

According to Editor-in-Chief Conde Nast Traveler, Melinda Stevens, if the reader’s choice award highlights the most beautiful resort or hotel on every continent, they also indicate the destination or country chosen by tourists when traveling.

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“The way we travel today has changed significantly, and we know it is at the forefront and centered in people’s desires and conversations. As our readers continue to explore, we continue to listen. Our readers’ curiosity shapes our inspiration and ultimately our next adventure, and based on this year’s list, we will make many new discoveries, ” she said.


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