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One of the unicorns or Indonesian start-up companies began to show its existence in the Southeast Asian region. After a limited release, GoJek services are now reported to be available for the entire Lion Country.
“We continue feedback from passengers and driver partners during the beta phase, while working to improve applications and create the best experience for users,” the company was quoted as saying by Tech Crunch on Wednesday (12/2/2019).

Previously, the beta version of the Go-Jek service was first available in November 2018.

When debuting in the south east country, the company used the name ‘Gojek’ for its application.

Before deciding to expand in the Southeast Asian start-up market, Gojek, Led by Nadiem Makarim, was injected with funds of around US $ 500 million or around $ 672 million to prepare for expansion into the four countries. In this expansion Gojek involved investments from Astra International, JD.COM, Tencent, and Tamasek.

Astra is one of the investors who injects expansion funds for Gojek

Gojek starts with motorized vehicle services and now replicates its services like in Indonesia. At present, Gojek has collaborated with regulators and other stakeholders for the operation of motorcycles in all expansion areas. At that time, Go-Jek still limited the travel distance and a waiting list system was applied for users who wanted to try the service.

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However, now beta users of GoJek can explore a wider area in Singapore.

The presence of the beta version also marks the initial stage of launching the Go-Jek service in Singapore.

This is done in line with the increasing number of driver partners who join to meet customer needs.

“We are proud to be able to start our services in Singapore. From customers in Singapore we heard that they want more choices in this sector,” said President Go-Jek Andre Soelistyo in his official statement.

For the Singapore market, Go-Jek applies a similar dynamic tariff system in Indonesia. So, travel rates can go up or down depending on demand at one time.

In addition Gojek also partnered with DBS Bank to expand customer reach. DBS or POSB Bank customers in Singapore can follow the instructions in the application to become a priority on the waiting list, and receive a five Singapore dollar credit voucher for their first two trips.

Photo (left – right) President Gojek Andre Soelistyo, Gojek Global Head of Transport Radityo Wibowo, DBS Group Head of Strategy and Planning Shee Tse Koon Bank, and Head of Ecosystems, Gene Wong Bank DBS Consumer Banking Group (Photo: Go-Jek)

“Through this collaboration, DBS and POSB customers will have choices for their daily trips. Transportation is part of everyday life, and we are committed to working with our partners to make the driving experience and transactions in Singapore even more seamless,” explained the Group. DBS Bank’s Head of Strategy and Planning, Shee Tse Koon.

Gojek encourages driver partners to provide feedback about application experience or drive overall through the ‘Help’ function in the application.

Feedback from customers and driver partners will be combined with driver’s analytical data to help evaluate and improve Gojek services before it is fully launched.

Quoted from Business Insider Singapore, Go-Jek has partnered with six local car rental companies to provide vehicles for drivers who do not have their own vehicles.

According to Singapore local media reports, with this partnership, Go-Jek is free to contact around 70 thousand drivers who are currently also Grab drivers.

The Singapore Competition and Consumer Commission (CCCS) clause also ensures that cooperation with rental companies is indeed non-exclusivity.

Previously, Go-Jek issued a statement responding to the possibility of imposing a fine of USD 9 million for Grab’s acquisition of Uber.

“We now believe Singapore will have a strong, efficient and competitive market. Our arrival will present a significant positive impact on people in Singapore,” Go-Jek said in a statement.


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