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The Rimini International Choral Competition 2019 becomes the stage of proof of the Bali Regional Police Choir Team under the guidance of the Bali Regional Police Chief Inspector General Petrus R Golose who won the Golden Diploma Level 1 Predicate and at the same time-honored the name of Indonesia. The competition was attended by most countries from Europe and judges from the UK, Australia, Italy, Estonia, and Singapore. Meanwhile, Choir (Choir Team) of the Bali Regional Police won a Golden Medal with 86.60 points.

Indonesian police choir who represented by The Bali Police Choir is a choir whose members consist of active Polri members. Starting from the rank of brigadier to the first officer combined from various functions of the Bali Regional Police and at the same time the first National Police Choir in the international choir competition.

Bhayangkari Chairperson Tri Tito Karnavian appreciated the performance of the Bali Police Choir Team who successfully won a good point, the Golden Medal with a score of 86.60. According to him, the Bali Police Alloy Team has made Indonesia famous in the international arena.

“We, the entire Polri extended family, are certainly proud of this achievement, especially the people of Indonesia, who also appreciate the success of the Bali Police Choir Team who made Indonesia famous in the world-class choir competition,” Tri said through his written statement on Saturday (9/21).

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Indeed, Tri witnessed firsthand the appearance of the representative of the Bali Police Choir Team accompanied by the Chairman of the Bhayangkari Bali Regional Administrator Mrs. Barbara Golose. According to him, the appearance of the Bali Police Choir received the most support from the audience when performing.

“When the Bali Police Choir appeared, audiences from various countries gave extraordinary applause. The point was good and the choir representative from Indonesia, namely the Bali Police Choir. They followed the D (folksong and traditional gospel) category,” he said.

The first performance was shown by Chorus Ostrava from the Czech Republic, then Usmev from Slovakia, followed by Karameles from Latvia, followed by Nova Alianca from Angola and Krasnoyarsk City Children’s Choir from Russia. After that, the Bali Police Choir’s turn appeared for about 30 minutes.

However, the Bali Police Choir after the competition was given the opportunity to return to display the action in front of the people of Rimini Piazza Cavour. In fact, the Bali Police Choir was chosen to fill the event with five other European countries on the night of the friendship concert on September 21, 2019, at 21:00 local time.


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