International media praise the success of the 2018 Asian Games

The excitement of the 2018 Asian Games gave a very deep impression for all who involved in it, especially for athletes. Although the implementation of the 2018 Asian Games is over, the “energy of Asia” spirit is still very much felt, not only in the Asian region, but the world also feels a deep of its euphoria.
The success of organizing the Asian Games received many testimonies from various international media. The following are some international media that raised information on the success of organizing the 2018 Asian Games.

The New York Times

The New York Times, one of the major media in the United States, praised Indonesia’s capacity which was considered successful in showing “Energy of Asia” which is carried out from the implementation of the Asian Games yesterday.

In the news entitled “Asian Games close: Indonesia Shows It’s ‘Energy of Asia'”, The New York Times mentioned the opening, organizing, and until the closing was successful. Complex choreography at the opening was also discussed.

ABC News

News with the same title and content was uploaded by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) News. The two media reported the news written by The Associated Press sports journalist Stephen Wade. For the success of hosting Asian countries at the Asian Games this time, President Joko Widodo is targeting Indonesia to be able to host the Olympic Games in 2032.

VOA News

News of VOA News said, the closing of the Sunday Asian Games (9/9/2018) was running with light and also fireworks and displaying the diversity of participating countries by presenting famous artists from various countries. Indonesia was considered very successful in holding the Asian Games yesterday, after replacing the position of Vietnam, which had previously canceled itself to host the 2018 Asian Games because of the country’s financial problems.

South China Morning Post

Meanwhile, one of China’s major media, the South China Morning Post, praised the 2018 Asian Games. Indonesia was considered capable of showing world-class performances during the event. Some logistical and communication problems that had existed were considered reasonable in every multievent of international sports. The media also praised the 30,000 volunteers who played an important role in the success of the 2018 Asian Games Jakarta-Palembang.

for the success of Indonesia as the host who became the focus of the world in organizing the biggest sports party in Asia, Hangzhou, and Tokyo, which will host the 2022 and 2026 Asian Games, are called to have to prepare things much better. They also hope that creative and artistic people from around the world will emerge to defeat Jakarta.

Channel News Asia

The compliment was also raised by Singapore’s big media, Channel News Asia, regarding the 2018 Asian Games. Indonesia was considered capable of entertaining tens of thousands of athletes and other state officials well.

The Tribune India

In addition, Indonesia can complete all infrastructure developments on time. The problem of air pollution and congestion which had been feared did not happen.

Indonesia’s success in hosting the 2018 Asian Games also opens up opportunities to hold bigger sporting events such as the Olympics. According to The Tribune, India or all countries that want to host multievent events must learn one or two things from Indonesia. The Tribune writes that there are three things, which are of special concern during the 2018 Asian Games taking place in Jakarta-Palembang, namely preparation time, budget, and site selection.

Indian Express

Another Indian news site, Indian Express, wrote an article entitled “Magna Jakarta” which said, Indonesia, as the host of the successors after Vietnam resigned, was able to present the Asian Games that deserved to be remembered, or even perfect.

Broadly speaking, International Media provides a positive response and objectively praises based on every moment that took place during the 2018 Asian Games, and this is an extraordinary achievement for the Indonesian people because it is able to show the world that Indonesia is more than capable of holding international events.


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