Deputy of Marketing for the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency Nia Niscaya when receiving the ITFF award in Bulgaria. Source: Kemenparekraf Communication Bureau

The 16th International Tourist Film Festival (ITFF) became an unforgettable moment for Indonesian cinema after two short films produced by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) won awards at the event in Bulgaria on May 4, 2020. The award is for the Region Promotional Film category titled “Lake Toba – The Biggest Caldera Lake in the World” and the second award for the Eco-tourism Promotional Clip category titled “Raja Ampat – The King of the Ocean”. Achievement of the award was delivered directly by the Indonesian Ambassador to Bulgaria Sri Astari Rasjid to the Deputy of Marketing for the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency Nia Niscaya.

“We know a lot of films that promote or subtly campaign for a tourist destination and it is very successful, very effective. Two awards in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic too, so one way we communicate to the world or ‘soft promotion’ if Indonesia remains and is beautiful to visit when the pandemic is over as in the communication strategy to tourists for #StayAtHome and #TravelTomorrow, “Nia said. His party has been actively conducting massive campaigns through the website

Nia Niscaya said this award was also a form of support for the film industry in the country, not only for the production process but also for the ecosystem as a whole.

“This achievement is very good news for our tourism sector. Kemenparekraf, in this case, must continue to support its ecosystem, not only its production,” she said.

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As is known, the mission of ITFF is to promote the production of tourism films and stimulate tourism films to develop along with world film trends. Indonesia has also participated in this festival since 2015.

The award from ITFF was not the first time obtained by Indonesia, previously in 2017 Indonesia won two awards at the same time with the title “Indonesia, Wonderful World” won the Grand Prix Award and the film “Wonderful Indonesia, a Visual Journey Through Wakatobi” won the Nature and Ecotourism award in the sub Advertising Film categories.


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