Indonesian Fast Train

As a country that is aggressively catching up to other advanced countries, Indonesia strives to continue to improve performance in meeting people’s needs in terms of infrastructure development. Because one indicator of a developed country is the availability of adequate infrastructure facilities to accelerate mobility from all aspects. After Indonesia managed to record a history of the operation of the first LRT and MRT, now Indonesia continues to accelerate the next mass transportation facilities, namely the Jakarta – Bandung fast train.

The construction of the Jakarta-Bandung fast train will focus on critical points, such as tunnels, including the main tunnel in Halim, East Jakarta. The president director of the state-owned construction company Wijaya Karya (Wika) Tumiyana said that construction and land acquisition had reached 15.03 percent and 96 percent respectively. “This year we are projecting, 60 percent of the construction can be completed,” Tumiyana told the press after a recent shareholders meeting in Jakarta.

the Jakarta Bandung fast train project scheme

The construction of the 142.3-kilometer project currently focuses on the tunnel, including the main tunnel at Halim, which is 1,885 meters long. The train project will have 13 tunnels, seven of which have already begun the excavation phase. Walimi in West Java is another critical point for this project because the developer must build three tunnels with a total length of 7.44 kilometers.

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Wika company secretary Puspita Anggraeni said the project had been divided into 115 development points, 32 of which were elevated projects, including bridges in Bekasi, West Java. Puspita said 42 points were being built, including seven tunnels and a train depot in Tegalluar, Bandung.

He added that 41 more points were being prepared for the next construction phase. The high-speed train is designed to be able to travel at 350 km per hour, around 45 minutes from Jakarta to Bandung. The developer aims to complete the construction of the entire project in June 2021, a two-year delay from the original plan.

According to data reported by Wika, the total land to be developed in the Jakarta-Bandung fast train project line is 1,988 hectares. The total land consists of Halim with an area of ​​18 hectares, Karawang covering 250 hectares, Tegalluar 450 hectares and Walini with an area of ​​1,270 hectares. The Jakarta-Bandung fast train will be integrated with TOD (Transit Oriented Development) to create a new economic center. Revenue not only comes from tickets but also from economic activities in the TOD area.

We are open in this case the fast train will hold all developers around the world, to be able to participate in driving traffic towards existing properties. If we want to invite universities, we will invite international universities, including national ones, said Tumiyana.


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