Java Beer

Maybe it’s familiar to your mind with this type of beverage that is identical with alcohol, right, beer. If you hear this drink, surely what comes to your mind is alcohol, discos, clubs and anything related to nightlife. But surely you have never heard of this one beer, Java beer. If you have been to one of the big cities in Indonesia, Yogyakarta, you will surely find this drink.

Although the name is Java beer, this drink is not intoxicating because it does not contain alcohol. The term Java beer appeared at the time of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono VIII. When accompanying Dutch people who like to drink beer, the Sultan brought the drink to his own drink. Drinks made from a mixture of spices do resemble beer. But Java beer is not intoxicating. The drink was actually able to warm the body and became the favorite drink of the Yogyakarta Palace at that time. Visually this drink is very similar to real beer. This drink is yellow with foam which fills the upper circle of the glass.

At present, Javanese beer is known in many areas. Not only Yogyakarta, but also Central and East Java. “A lot of people like it, from young people, old people, all segments, many like,” said one of the Javanese beer sellers, Arief Puji Prasetyo when met at the Old City Lawang Festival, Malang Regency, Thursday (09/27/2018 ).

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During this time, Arief sold Javanese beer at his tavern, Kedai Lembusuro on Jalan Dr. Soetomo, Lawang District, Malang Regency. He made Javanese beer with a healthy composition of spices. These include secang wood, empirical ginger, kapulogo, shale leaves, and cinnamon. All types of spices are boiled together and the water is taken. “It’s like a spice drink. The method of brewing becomes one. It is cleaned and boiled together. After that it is poured, filtered, we take the seed,” said Arief.

When serving, the water from the stew is ground in a glass. Then lime and shake it. “We use lemon juice, we shake it until the foam comes out,” he said.
Arief said, the drink was able to warm the body and make it healthy. Arief used to sell processed Javanese beer at a price of Rp. 8,000 per glass. “To eliminate fatigue, cold, etc” he said.


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