The View at Jikumerasa Beach

Indonesia is a country with a lot of natural wealth that is not yet widely known by the world, one of which is the wealth of tourism potential. With a total of 16,056 islands, it is very likely that Indonesia keeps many thousands of tourism potential that has not been touched by civilization and the role of government in optimizing the potential. One of the tourism potentials is very likely to be a major tourist destination like Bali and Raja Ampat is Jikumerasa Beach where located on the Buru Island, Maluku. This tourism potential is about 27 kilometers from Namlea Town, located in Jikumerasa Village.

Not many people know that this beautiful and exotic beach is on one of the islands in Indonesia. Marine nature tour presented as a natural painting that forms 3 colors as the sun starts right above the head, with the whir of the waves roll is perfect for you who want to relax from the dense daily routine. With bright white sand that looks like wheat flour into a very beautiful beach. Especially when the sunrise or sunset is spent in this place.

Sunrise and Sunset view on Jikumerasa Beach

At Jikumerasa Beach there is a Salt Water Lake, local residents give that name. Salt Water Lake is like a small lake that when the tide, it will enter the lake. But when receded, the water in the lake did not dry out. The color is turquoise and overgrown with green algae and also sea urchins. Typical calm water and clear water on the beach is perfect for tourists to do snorkeling. But because this destination is still managed independently by the local community, the facilities available are still limited, therefore snorkeling equipment you can bring yourself from home to enjoy the beauty of God’s majesty on this Jikumerasa beach. Although there is no exact retribution to enter this beach, but bathroom facilities already exist and managed by self-help by the surrounding community. In addition, there is also a building that can be rented for people who want to hold activities on the Beach Jikumerasa. Parking space is available. There is no snorkeling equipment rental. But there are already swimming tire rentals during holidays. There are also some snack vendors when it is a holiday. At Jikumerasa Beach, if you are lucky you can find a fisherman who just came out of the boat and brought the fish. Usually, the price of fish sold by fishermen is still very cheap. You can bake fish with family or relatives.

Tourist at Jikumerasa Beach

If you had surfing hobbies, you can come to this tourist site in big wave months that is in December to February. Usually, in those months the waves are large and not recommended for snorkeling. You can also swim at this beach because Jikumerasa Beach has a fairly calm wave.

To come here you can use public transportation from Namlea City. There are several modes of transports to the District Airbuaya, Waplau, Waeura, or Jikumerasa. Public transport can be found at the Namlea terminal. The price of one-time ride angkot (local town vehicle service) about 10 thousand Rupiah from Namlea City. But if you want to take pictures sunset, I do not recommend using public transportation. Often if it is late, freight is difficult to find. In addition to using public transportation can also use motorcycles to Beach Jikumerasa, but the price can reach 50 thousand Rupiah or more.

If you visit here, surely you will bring home a wonderful memory that will never be forgotten to tell your friends, relatives, and family in your country. So, have you entered your holiday agenda to Jikumerasa Beach?

Reference: KSMTour

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