award winner John Maddox Price 2019 Prof. Bambang Hero Saharjo. Source: ANTARA/HO/Dok (Istimewa)

John Maddox Prize 2019 has been rewarded to a Scientist and Professor at the Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Prof. Bambang Hero Saharjo. The international award was given at the Wellcome Collection, Euston, London and was the daughter of John Maddox, Robyn Maddox. The award announcement was attended by no less than 100 prominent British scientists and given an introduction from the editor of the leading scientific magazine Nature.
The nomination of Prof. Bambang was carried out by a professor at Lancaster University, England who saw that Prof. Bambang’s research and struggle needed to get high appreciation and recognition from other scientists and internationally. Prof. Bambang set aside 206 selected candidates from 38 countries.
The award was won by Prof. Bambang was conveyed by the Education and Culture Attache of the Indonesian Embassy in London, E. Aminudin Aziz in a written statement received by According to Aminudin, the jury consisted of figures from British scientists gathered by the non-profit organization, Sense about Science.
The jury named Prof. Bambang as the winner because of his persistence to use his research data as evidence to counter wrong views related to forest fires in Indonesia. “Prof. Bambang has used many scientific facts in the courtroom to show the truth,” Aminudin said.

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The award of the John Maddox Prize has been given over the past eight years to scientists who persist in defending their opinions based on scientific facts and obtained based on accountable research.

Prof. Bambang Hero Saharjo is a fire forensic specialist at Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) and Professor of Forest Protection at IPB. Bambang was born in Jambi on November 10, 1964. Bambang completed his undergraduate education at the Faculty of Forestry of IPB in 1987 and then took his Masters (S2) in the Division of Tropical Agriculture (Kyoto Division of Tropical Agriculture) in 1996. After that, he continued his doctorate in the Laboratory of Tropical Forest Resources and Environment, Kyoto University Division of Forest and Biomaterial Science in 1999.

Prof. Bambang was recorded to receive a number of awards such as the 10 years Satya Karya Stayalencana Honorary Award, Canadian Forest Service (CFS) Merit Award from Canadian Forest Service-Natural Resource Canada in 2004. In 2006, he was selected as an outstanding lecturer III of IPB and Lecturer of Interpretation I of the Faculty of Forestry IPB.


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