Quick Count elections 17 April 2019 20:07 pm

The party of democracy of the Indonesian people has begun, this one-year event held was conducive and safe. The enthusiasm of the people to participate in this democratic party is quite high, as seen in social media #pemilu2019 has become a trending topic. This year’s election is a bit different from the previous years’ elections because in this year’s election the executive and legislative elections were merged together to make it more efficient while saving on operational costs.

Based on quotes from various media and from various survey institutions that have credible reputation in conducting online vote counting, the pair from number 01 Joko Widodo and Ma’ruf Amin surpasses from pair number 2 Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Salahudin Uno. This of course has been calculated based on the scientific methodology of each survey institution which is definitely done theoretically and academically, so that it can be ascertained that official vote calculations from the official KPU (General Election Commission) institutions will not be much different.

This has been predicted from various sources that Jokowi will return to serve as President of the Republic of Indonesia for the second period. One of these predictors is Charta Politika’s Executive Director Yunarto Wijaya who predicts the pair Joko Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin to win the 2019 presidential election. Charta Politika’s prediction was similar to the 2014 presidential election.

“Just like on July 8, 2014, Charta Politika dared to make predictions that Jokowi would win the presidential election with a range of 4-8%,” Yunarto said in his statement on Saturday (04/13/2019). Yunarto then brought up the latest trends in 5 surveys. If there were no major events until the voting day, Yunarto predicted that Jokowi-Ma’ruf could win with a double-digit difference.

“Based on data trends, 5 surveys and the latest data, if there is no major incident until April 17, Charta Politika also dares to predict that Jokowi-Ma’ruf will win the fight for the 2019 presidential election with a difference of 2 digits,” he said.

The same thing was also conveyed by several experts based on the analysis of the presidential election debate program which had been carried out 5 times, one of them from political observer Emrus Sihombing. Emrus argues that Joko Widodo won a landslide victory over Prabowo in debating four themes that were presented in the fourth debate of the 2019 Presidential Election recently.

According to Emrus, the presidential candidate number 01 is a leader who often goes down to the field, so he is very mastered and can explain every theme, such as ideology, government, defense, security and international relations. “In my opinion, from the four themes, each of the themes was won by Jokowi of Prabowo. I think Jokowi’s superiority is very reasonable because he is indeed the leader rather than the implementation of the 4 themes, “Emrus told Okezone, Monday (1/4/2019).

“So that indeed Jokowi is the actor of the 4 themes, so he easily explained and Jokowi was the leader who took to the field, so he knew exactly how in the field of the 4 themes,” he added.

However, anything issued by the survey institution will not precede the results of official calculations from the KPU on April 25, although during the holding of elections held throughout history, the Quick Count version of the vote count will not be much different from the official count of real counts.

Hopefully whoever is elected President, Indonesia will remain optimistic and move forward to catch up with other developed countries. As well as different people of choice can knit more brotherhood after all this time because of their respective choices.


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