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There is something interesting when a couple time ago the 7th Indonesian President Joko Widodo made a working visit to Garut in order to fill the agenda of reactivating the four railway lines in the West Java region to boost new economic growth. In a series of trips, Jokowi had a chance to tell a little story about one of the railroad tracks that would be reactivated. That is the story of one of the world’s comedian legends Charlie Caplin who used the railroad train during his visit to Garut in the 1920s.

“In 1926 Charlie Chaplin had come to Garut. Here, you know, that’s right. Twice. Because of seeing this beauty, the train ride,” Jokowi said in Garut, Friday (1/18/2019). Jokowi said, in addition to Garut, Charlie Chaplin stopped in Bandung. Along the way, the British comedian-actor really enjoyed the view of West Java. “Charlie Chaplin used to go down in Bandung and then going up here by train to Garut was the same while looking right and left like that,” Jokowi said.

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Apart from the warm atmosphere, Jokowi said, there were four railway lines that would be reactivated to enter the tourist area and would soon begin quickly. The four railroad lines that will be activated are Cibatu, Wanaraja, Garut, and Pangandaran.

Where the line had previously operated into a tourist area. President Jokowi assesses the effectiveness of the railway line, then new economic growth will be created. It is known that the Cibatu-Garut Station-Cikanjang Station railway line with 47.5 kilometers (km).

The reactivation will reduce the level of city congestion, provide solutions for efficient and affordable transportation and become a trigger for developing areas around the station and train lines.

Reactivation will also make it easier for tourists to access Garut Regency, facilitate passenger transportation, goods and superior commodity distribution of local communities and encourage the development of local industries.

PT Kereta Api Indonesia noted that the Cibatu-Cikanjang Station was closed in 1982, while the Cibatu Station – Garut Station was closed in 1983. Along the route, most of the residents were already resident. This condition is a challenge and KAI will try to find the best solution to solve the problem.


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