Yuba Darmawan, creator of online counseling applications at The Korea International Youth Olympiad 2019

The Korea International Youth Olympiad event held by South Korea became a separate stage for students of grade 12 at SMA Negeri 6 Bandung, Yuba Darmawan. For his work which was presented at the event which was participated by 5 countries, Yuba won a silver medal. The work he created is a counseling application for students who need an online counselor.

This project was made by Yuba with the background of the problems he saw in his environment. It turns out that many teenagers who want to pour out complaints or fill their hearts and need advice but are reluctant to do face-to-face counseling. Yuba also took the initiative to solve the problem by making an application called ‘Bye Prob’. The application was also worthy of appreciation after being taken to the 2019 Korea International Yout Olympiad.

“This project was made based on the problems he saw in the surrounding environment, many teenagers who wanted to confide in and need advice but were reluctant to do face-to-face counseling so Yuba took the initiative to solve the problem by making an application called ‘Bye Prob’,” said Director of the International Partnership for the Indonesian Invention and Innovation Promotion Association (INNOPA), Megaria Agustina through a press release in Jakarta, Thursday (29/8).

The Korea International Youth Olympiad is an annual event organized by the World Woman Invention and Entrepreneurs Association which is supported by the World Intellectual Property Organization and the Seoul City Government.

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Based on the release received today, Yuba hopes that the application innovations he makes are expected to contribute to efforts to solve teenage problems online.

From what we see on the work of Yuba Darmawan from this creative work, it is hoped that it will be an inspiration for students and other young people to be challenged to make works that can be useful for many people. From the problems that we often encounter around us, we can learn from Yuba Darmawan’s achievement that every problem will definitely be the solution if we are sensitive and have the initiative and strong will to be useful for others.


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