Kyla Christie, the winner of the Diana Award. Source image:

Indonesia is proud again in the international stage after one of the Indonesian diasporas in London, England, Kyla Christie won the Diana Awards, the most prestigious awards given to young people aged 9-25 years in the field of social and humanitarian action on Tuesday, July 1, 2020, ago. Kyla was chosen to receive The Diana Award, because of her work and humanitarian efforts, which are considered to bring about continuous change and help overcome social issues in the community.

The Diana Award itself is an award given by the Princess Diana foundation and supported by her two children, namely Prince Willams and Prince Harry. The Diana Award reflects the spirit of the late Princess Diana, who supports young people to bring better change around the world.

Since the age of 10 years, Kyla has initiated “sing to build”, a nonprofit fundraising activity through singing to help disaster victims. Funds collected reached 70 thousand US dollars and channeled to build houses, orphanages, libraries and art houses. More than 5000 viewers watched the show which was performed by more than 110 teenagers in 15 shows and projects.

Kyla also initiated the “new art collective” movement, where she made choreography, dance, writing songs and drama, for dozens of performances and art projects watched by thousands of people. Kyla also noted several other achievements. Kyla has won a number of awards at the World Championship for Performing Arts event in Long Beach, California.

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In 2018, Kyla also pioneered the Global Youth Leader and organized the Global Youth Leader Submit by gathering successful young leaders in the top 10 most impacted industries to share their thoughts for the young generation of Indonesia and the world.

“I am honored to receive this award, especially in this challenging era. We are going through one of the greatest transition periods in our generation. By accepting this award I want to make my life an example. We are young, we are full of dedication, and we can make an impact. This award allows me to speak louder about change through art and entrepreneurship.

My message to all young people everywhere: to dare to talk and take part. What we say and do is important. For creative young people everywhere: your work will bring change. Use your talent to create positive change. Stay creative, be brave, and be the change itself. Be Creative. Be Courageous. Be The Change, “said Kyla after the ‘The Diana Award’ award announcement.


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