Novendra Priasmoro Gets the GM title at the Liberec Open chess tournament, Poland (27/2). Source:

Liberec Open 2020 became a venue for proof and a historic moment for young Indonesian chess player Novendra Priasmoro who successfully won two achievements at once by winning the event and gets a grand master’s (GM) title. Novendra, 21, confirmed the GM title on Thursday night, February 27, 2020. In the seventh round, he defeated IM Klaudia Kulon (2335) from Poland. Novendra won in step 25 of the opening of the Trompowsky Attack.

In the match, the 20-year-old chess player played with black fruit and implemented Trompowsky’s opening strategy. The opening of the attacking type was to anticipate the pattern of the game known as aggressive Kulon.

Honestly, in the second step, Kulon has attacked with elephants to plot g5. Until the 10th step, the wings of the second king of the chess players have been exposed. However, Novendra got the advantage in the form of a pair of elephants and his dark swath elephant was on h6 which controlled the long diagonal to plot c1.

Kulon’s decision to conduct a long rocket in the 16th step seemed too brave because a pair of black elephants had panned into the minister’s wings from h6 and e6 plots. Another courage from Kulon that is not wise is when directly eating black pawns b7 at step 19. In fact, the piece was a bait or trap set by Novendra.

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Because of that false courage, the white fort in the lane b half-open became inactive. Conversely, Novendra has the advantage of ministers, fortresses, elephants, and horses being able to actively attack the wings of the white minister where the white king is located. In the 22nd step, Novendra tries to launch a fortress at b3. After that, Novendra tried three times to force check. However, Kulon just gave up on step 25.

Kulon could not have survived because the minister would disappear to avoid checkmate. “When the white king moved to c2, I felt I would win. My heart immediately dag-dig-dug. I didn’t walk right away, I took a breath first. After I see all the steps of coercion, then I walk, “said Novendra.

The victory ensured Novendra met the need for an additional rating of 11 points, so that the GM rating requirement of 2500 was exceeded. Novendra’s current rating is 2493. In Prague Open down 4 points and in Liberec Open until round 7 has collected 11.4 points.

Novendra became the eighth GM of Indonesia. Previously Susanto Megaranto became GM in 2004. On Friday, February 28, Novendra perfected the GM title with a notched title. He defeated IM Akash G (2449 India) who last week became the Prague Open Champion.

By leaving a match saves, Novendra has recorded 8 points, will not be overtaken again by second-place Franciszek Sernecki (2218) from Poland who collected 6.5 points. Novendra also received an additional 4.4 LG ratings, so his savings rating was 15.8 points.

Although already champion Novendra is targeting to win the last point this Saturday. He will fight second place Franciszek Sernecki.


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