70 years since Indonesia gained recognition of sovereignty by friendly countries as an independent state, so long as economic equity has not been realized. The complexity of the struggle for power and civil war make Indonesia one of the countries that have a dark history and great influence on social justice in all parts of Indonesia. Economic inequality as it is meant is unbalanced prices of basic commodities from one island to another. The imbalance can be seen with the unequal price of fuel on the island of Java and Papua, and development is more focused on development in Sumatra and Java.

From these disparities began to cause a fatal impact when East Timor decided to separate from the Republic of Indonesia and became an independent state. Another impact emerged that many of the most dangerous separatist movements are the Free Papua Movement (OPM) which also demands independence.

But God does not sleep, seeing the condition of Indonesia that does not go better in terms of economic equity, the figure of Joko Widodo present like an oasis in the middle of the dry desert. With the sea toll program and the BBM (fuel oil) program of one price across Indonesia, now the economic equity is slowly beginning to appear and will soon be realized. The Manifestation of the program has begun to be felt one of them is felt by the Community in Tambrauw District, West Papua.

the inauguration of the 1 pricing fuel oil program in Tambrauw district, West Papua

The people of West Papua now feel the economic equality by enjoying stable fuel prices. If the first price of 1-liter fuel can reach 60 thousand – 100 thousand rupiah, now the price of per liter Solar products can be much pressed up to at Rp 5,150 / liter, and Premium Rp. 6.450 / liter. This can not be separated from the contribution of various parties that support this program runs one of them by PT Pertamina.

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PT Pertamina (Persero) opened a Compak gas station serving BBM One Price program, in Suasapor sub-district, Tambrauw, Friday (24/11/2017).

Inauguration of Compak gas station has done by Head of the Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas (BPH Migas) M.Fanshurullah Asa, Downstream Oil and Gas Control Director Harya Adityawarman, Vice Regent of Tambrauw Mesak Matusalak Yekwam and General Manager of Marketing Operation Region VIII Maluku Papua Made Adi Putra.

Made explained, this Compact gas station is part of the BBM One Price Program for all Indonesia. “Currently, Pertamina has been implementing 29 petroleum distribution institutions in the 3T region (leading, furthest and outermost) across Indonesia,” said Made Adi.

Especially for the region in Papua and West Papua has available thirteen points of channeling agencies fuel one price. “Until the end of November 2017, for the Papua & West Papua region, Pertamina has realized 13 of the target of 16 fuel locations 1 price until 2017 as assigned by the government in the attachment of ESDM Permen (government regulations on mineral energy resources) No. 36 of 2016,” explained Made.

The newly opened Compak gas station at Tambrauw will sell Solar products at Rp 5,150 / liter, and Premium Rp. 6.450 / liter. Just like the point of other channeling institutions in this one price BBM program, the Compact gas station is located in an area that is difficult to access.

To supply the gas station, Pertamina sends BBM from Sorong fuel terminal by taking the field of travel which partly still in the form of land. This condition makes the delivery of fuel using small capacity truck 2.5 KL and required several times ritase.

“To distribute fuel to Tambrauw, the distribution of TBBM Sorong operational challenge has not been able to use a large tank car so that to meet the allocation needs at the gas station is shipping through small trucks with several times ritase,” explained Made.

BBM one price is proclaimed by the Government to seek equal distribution of cost throughout Indonesia and as one of the implementation of Presidential Instruction and realization of Regulation of Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources No.36 of 2016, concerning the Acceleration of Enactment of One Price Specific Fuel Type (JBT) & Specific Fuel Type Assignment (JBKP) national since January 1, 2017.

Vice Regent of Tambrauw Mesak Matusalak Yekwam appreciates Pertamina which has realized the fuel price 1 program in Sausapor Sub-district of Tambrauw Regency.

“Representing the people of Tambrauw I would like to thank Pertamina for bringing about justice in the energy field for the local people.” Before the fuel price in Tambraw reached Rp 20,000 per liter, now people can enjoy premium fuel at Rp6.450 / liter and diesel for Rp5. 150 / liter will surely ease the burden of the community “, said Mesak in Tambrauw, West Papua.

On that occasion, Head of BPH Migas M.Fanshurullah Asa confirmed that the development of gas stations in the 3T area is not an easy thing considering the geographical and high freight costs so it needs to be considered a target. As President Joko Widodo hopes, there must be a sense of justice for all Indonesians.

“So the price of fuel like in Eve must be felt all over Papua Region. Therefore, there should be supervision from the Regional Government and Apparatus for the distribution of BBM One Price is on target,” said Fanshurullah.

Source: Detik
 Regulatory Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas 

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