The first Indonesian Ligt Rail Transit

Slowly but surely the new era of Indonesian transportation is beginning to show rapid progress. The first light rail transit (LRT) transportation system in Indonesia began commercial operations on Wednesday (1/8) after ending its pilot period starting July 13, covering a distance of about 23 km from Palembang city center to the final station at Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Airport II.

The operation of the LRT is also part of the facilities provided by the local city to the 2018 Asian Games participants held in two cities, Jakarta and Palembang. After the historic event of the Asian Games, the LRT will fully serve the general public and be developed as the main mode of transportation that will bring Palembang as one of the modern cities in Indonesia.

The LRT Railway

Six of the 13 existing stations are ready to operate at the Asian Games which will start on August 18th. Some of them are equipped with elevators and escalators because the LRT lines in Palembang are all elevated or built on the highway. The construction of the structure and operating system of LRT Palembang cost Rp10.9 trillion. In one of the buildings, there is a large room that serves as the operating control center (OCC). There is a large screen featuring live video from the reconnaissance camera (CCTV) either in each station or in the interior of each carriage.

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CCTV videos are displayed on the left and right sides of the large screen, while the middle section displays train telemetry data and train signals.

Palembang LRT station

“The screen ahead illustrates the train journey from the airport to the depot. There are so many CCTV-specific monitors, as well as telecommunications,” said Yunanda, a train signal officer of the Ministry of tranportation working at OCC.

“Then there is the train signal, red yellow green, the signal we use is world standard.”

Yunanda said officers at the OCC were not only supervising but could also communicate directly with machinists or station officers.

There are three layers of supervision at OCC. At the front, monitoring all the existing CCTV, in the middle is the signal officer, and the most behind with the highest sitting position are supervisors, Yunanda said.
The Palembang LRT operation opens a new history sheet in the modernization of the transportation system in Indonesia, mainly because most of it is built with domestic resources.

Although almost all of its construction uses local products, the President feels that this LRT is better than that in developed countries in Europe. This also according to the President proves that the work of the nation is not inferior to other nations.


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