Livi Zheng, Indonesian young director, recipient of the Culture Ambassador award

The proud news this time came from the world of Indonesian cinema. The news came from young director Livi Zheng. Because of her work, Livi successfully won the Culture Ambassador award at The Unforgettable Gala, United States, which was held on Saturday (8/12). The award is specifically for Asian-Americans who live in the United States.

The award was won because her work which filmed life in her hometown, Blitar, received tremendous appreciation from film observers. Films that lift “Triangle Diamond” or Diamond’s three points of view in Blitar district, which consists of Serang Beach, Sirah Kencong Tea Plantation, also Penataran Temple, its premiere aired in Los Angeles, USA, Wednesday (05/02/2018) at night 7:00 local time.

In her remarks, Livi told a bit of his background where she and her family came from Blitar, a small town that only had a cinema this year.
“For me, a career in the film world is a privilege,” Livi said in English when she received the award.

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As a young woman of Asian blood, pursuing a career as a filmmaker must pass a winding road.

“But I’m sure I can continue to reach dreams in the film career,” she said.
At a glance, she told about the latest film ‘Bali: Beats of Paradise’ which raised questions about gamelan, as well as his collaboration with singer Judith Hill, in ‘Queen of the Hill’ which combines gamelan with funk music.

“There is a lot of gamelan in Indonesia … Indonesia is rich in culture and art and I want to share it with all of you,” she closed.
A little information about Livi Zheng, she was born in East Java, Indonesia on April 3, 1989. At the age of four, she and her family moved to Jakarta, Indonesia. Zheng has one younger brother, Ken who is also involved in films and martial arts. She and her brother moved to Beijing when she was fifteen, and to the United States when she was eighteen.

Zheng completed her primary and secondary education in Indonesia, and when she worked as a substitute actor, Zheng entered the Beijing West Academy. After graduating from the West Academy, Zheng entered the University of Washington, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in economics in two and a half years and entered the Honorary Community of International Economics. She is currently a Masters candidate at the Cinematic Arts School at the University of Southern California.


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