Landscape of Raja Ampat Archipelago

Exciting news came from Indonesia tourism. One of the world’s largest travel publishers The Lonely Planet announces the 10 Best Islands to Visit in 2018. Of the 10 lists, one of the many islands in Indonesia has been chosen into the best island category to visit. Most of the people of Indonesia must have known the beauty of this island, namely the Raja Ampat archipelago.

The exoticism of Raja Ampat archipelago keeps a lot of natural beauty that is worth to be enjoyed with the family and the closest people. Because it is so exotic, the Raja Ampat archipelago is also referred to as the Indonesian Maldives. As written on the official Lonely Planet page, the Raja Ampat archipelago must be one of the most beautiful islands in Southeast Asia.

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Located at the northwestern tip of Papua Island, Raja Ampat is indeed already widely known as a ‘gold mine’ for adventure enthusiasts. Not only that, Raja Ampat is also regarded as a heaven that can not be expressed in words by divers, both from within and outside Indonesia.

Raja Ampat Archipelago Location

Raja Ampat itself is a district and administratively located in West Papua Province. To reach the Islands, travelers must set foot in Sorong city first. Usually, they prefer to use the flight to get to the city.

After arriving in the city of Sorong, travelers must travel about 2-3 hours to Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat regency. To get to Waisai, they can use a kind of fast boat that usually sail twice a day.

It is not surprising that the Raja Ampat archipelago is included in the category of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world, Raja Ampat has many interesting things above sea level. Lots of beautiful beaches scattered throughout the islands. Generally, these beaches are white sandy and have a fineness near the flour.

The views of the islands that form a row of high cliffs are also found in Raja Ampat. Even some places like Piaynemo, Kabui Bay, and Wayag have been famous all over the world before being known in the country.

In addition, some places like Sawinggrai village or Saporkrein village in these islands also present an unforgettable experience, which is to see Cendrawasih birds up close. This bird of paradise is a rare bird and pretty typical of Papua. In a report from Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy and the National Oceanographic Institute (LON) to the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) it was mentioned that Raja Ampat waters account for about 75% of marine species worldwide.

Cendrawasih Bird

From these reports, more than 540 hard corals (75% of the world’s total), more than 1,000 species of reef fish, 700 species of molluscas, and thousands of other marine biota are in the waters of Raja Ampat. Therefore, no wonder if Raja Ampat is currently considered the most beautiful underwater paradise around the world.

Raja Ampat Underwater Scenery

Not only its natural wealth, Raja Ampat also has a variety of cultures and art that is very unique and interesting. Some villages in Raja Ampat have already confirmed their existence as a tourist village, one of which is Arborek Village.

The village is located on one small island has a lot of art, from traditional dances, Sinole food made from sago, to woven crafts of pandan leaves typical Arborek which has been passed down from generation to generation. The village of Arborek is just one of the other villages with their own uniqueness.

Arborek Village

Of all the uniqueness and beauty of the Raja Ampat archipelago, still you hesitate to take the time to fill your list of holidays in the Raja Ampat archipelago?


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