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One more tourist attractions that you need to visit when visiting in Indonesia is Bogor Botanical Garden. This one tourist destination is perfect for recreation and education at once, especially for those of you who have a special interest in the science of botany and zoology. Slightly looking back on the Bogor Botanical Garden, this garden would initially be used as a trial garden for plantation crops to be introduced in the Dutch East Indies. However, in its development the establishment of Bogor Botanical Gardens can be said to initiate the development of science in Indonesia and as a forum for scientists especially botany in Indonesia in an organized manner at that time (1880 – 1905). From here were born several other science institutions, such as Bibliotheca Bogoriensis (1842), Herbarium Bogoriense (1844), Cibodas Botanical Garden (1860), Treub Laboratory (1884), and Zoological Museum and Laboratory (1894).

After independence, 1949’s Lands Plantentiun te Buitenzorg renamed the Bureau of Natural Investigation, then became the Lembaga Pusat Penyelidikan Alam (LLPA) for the first time managed and led by the Indonesian nation, Prof. Ir. Kusnoto Setyodiwiryo. At that time LPPA had 6 subsidiary institutions, namely Bibliotheca Bogoriensis, Hortus Botanicus Bogoriensis, Herbarium Bogoriensis, Treub Laboratory, Zoologicum Bogoriensis Museum and Marine Investigation Laboratory. In 1956 for the first time the leadership of the Botanical Garden was held by the Indonesian people, Sudjana Kassan replacing J. Douglas. Over time, Bogor Botanical Garden is now transformed into an incredible tourist destination. Because of its vastness, you can visit some spots that exist in this area of 87 hectares, the area is:


Not because of its history, nor its form. The reason is simple, this is the first place to be found when you pass through the Main Entrance Bogor Botanical Garden.

Lady Raffles Monument

What is interesting about Lady Raffles Monument?

Will not the love story always attract human attention. The love story on television alone can overwhelm the audience’s feelings of blue. Especially this place.

Here is the feeling of a great English explorer, a formidable general who has won many wars. It’s just that, when you see the poem on the inscription contained in the face of this building faced this, surely you will feel melted and touched.

You will feel like seeing the shadow of a pair of people who are so loving but death separates them.

2. DANAU GUNTING (Scissors Lake)

From Lady Raffles Monument, depending on which direction you are headed, there are some places worth visiting. Well, my advice, take a straight course. There is one interesting spot. Not only the scenery, but also the mystery of scattered stories related to this location.

The location in question is a small lake, named Gunting Lake.

Scissors Lake

Imagine, if you are around this lake at night, while remembering some of the stories surrounding this lake. Starting from the appearance of a Dutch noni on a small island in the middle of a lake until a large snake that can just disappear.

Would not it feel like being in a series in the event of the Unseen Nature on a television station.

Walk a little in the direction where the tower of Bogor Palace looks, then in front of you will look pink world. The distribution of Nymphaea Alba and Rubra (aka Lotus) will make the eyes unable to turn away because of the beauty of their flowers.

Floating Lotus in Scissors Lake

That’s the interesting side of this place. If you need further proof, please read Lake Scissors – The Beauty of Mixed Mysteries.



The form is an inscription. If you do not know the story of history that covers it, then this inscription is just an ordinary stone. However, when looking back for a moment from Danau Gunting, then the name is sculpted on the inscription it will make you amazed.

Yes, because the inscription was made to commemorate Georg Karl Reinwardt, the founder of the Botanical Gardens. From his hand, Bogor Botanical Garden was born. This monument or inscription is made to honor his services to the pride of the citizens of this Rain City and Indonesia. So stop taking a moment to look at it.

Reinward Inscription

Then turn your face to the North. Can you find what’s interesting in that direction?

Certainly. A magnificent and graceful white landscape will welcome your eyes. You will be amazed with green grass color. A building that stores footage from the long history of Bogor and Indonesia.

No need to mention it again because you must already know what building is meant. Yes, that is the Bogor Palace, precisely the backyard of the palace that was first built in 1745. For more details about the Bogor Palace, can read the writing on this website, the Bogor Palace – the story of a journey.

Bogor Palace

Not done yet. There are still some things I want to suggest before you step outside leaving the side of Danau Gunting.


The most likely statue to be found first is God’s Hand Statue aka The Hand of God. The figure of a hand that holds the posture of a man who is raising his head with his mouth open should not be missed.

The sculpture which is a replica of the work of a famous French sculptor, Auguste Rodin, has the name of Carl Milles installed in the place around 1963. A special year in which then, Irian Jaya, or Papua, is now joined by the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

This statue is a gift from the Government of Sweden.

The Hand Of God Statue

If you want to know a glimpse of this statue, please visit the article The Statue of The Hand Of God At Bogor Palace.

5. Statue of The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Statue

The second one, from the side of the Botanical Garden where you now stand, should be seen another figure of the statue. Not towering like a sculpture of The Hand of God. His form is like a girl who is contemplating something while staring at the ripple of water.

This statue is a replica of the Little Mermaid Statue, a work inspired by the author of the famous children’s story, Hans Christian Andersen. Its size is not as big as the original in Copenhagen, but its appearance is very similar and unique. The shape is very fitting as a waiter lotus pond.

His figure is very reminiscent of the broken heart of a little mermaid who fell in love with a human being.

This statue is also a friendly sign of friendship from the friendly country of Denmark. Indeed, these two statues are not located in the Bogor Botanical Garden. The management of Bogor Palace and Bogor Botanical Garden has been separated since 1868. However, no one forbids to enjoy both from the direction of Danau Gunting.

6. Ancient Dutch Cemetery


The Ancient Dutch Cemetery

Why go there? Is not it creepy?

Indeed, this ancient Dutch cemetery complex is rather creepy. Its lush bamboo trees make the atmosphere around the dark complexes because the sunlight is difficult to penetrate the thickness of bamboo clumps. Nuance is not uncommon to make the hair stand up.

Only, this place can not be separated from the Bogor Botanical Garden. Some ancient tombs that are in the old grave are related to the existence of Bogor Botanical Garden in the past. The names of Heinrich Kuhl and J.C. Van Hasselt is on one of the tombs, yes one grave because these two men are buried in one hole.

Both are two people who are meritorious in the inventory of various types of flora and fauna that exist in Indonesia. They are two young biologists sent to Indonesia to study and collect specimens of native animals and plants. In addition, one of the tombs contained in this ancient Dutch cemetery, aged even older than Bogor Botanical Garden itself. To find out which one is the oldest grave, please visit Ancient Dutch Cemetery In Bogor Botanical Garden.

Actually, the atmosphere here is not scary. Of course, if you’ve heard about the story of the appearance of a figure in white and long-haired, it could be that you will want to get away from the location.

That is what may be more pronounced when sitting for a moment overlooking the silent gravestones. QUIET.

But, OK if you feel the atmosphere is too scary here. We can continue our journey again. This time, we are headed for a place full of light that is only a few meters from where you are today. Just follow the path of the light.


7. Park & Teijsman Monument

You are now in a very different field with a dark atmosphere at the Ancient Dutch Cemetery. This place is bathed in light.

The name of the place where you are today is Teijsman Park. Look to the middle where there is an obelisk-shaped monument that seemed to be the center of the surrounding. The monument is called the Teijsman Monument.

Teijman Monument

Who is Teijsman and why there is a Taman and Tugu Teijsman at the Bogor Botanical Garden.

What you want to show about this place is as one spot in Bogor Botanical Garden which has a very beautiful scenery. A monument in the shape of an obelisk in the middle against the backdrop of large trees and with green grasses melt into a magnificent landscape.

If you are lucky, it will be seen bats flying because the big trees as seen in the photo is where they often depend.

This place is also not too crowded because most visitors prefer directly lead to a wider area of the Main Gate. Teijsman Park is closer to Pintu II Bogor Botanical Garden.

For you photography enthusiasts, it seems this spot will provide many angles that can be utilized to produce beautiful photographs. Do you bring a camera? Although not a DSLR camera, a smartphone camera will produce stunning images here. Please try if you do not believe it.

8. Treub Laboratory & Nusa Indah Guest House

These buildings obviously remain the architectural style of the former Dutch colonial era. Seen from the shape of the roof and also the ornaments found in both.

Both places are interesting places.

The first building has a Treub Laboratory writing. This building is one of the laboratories established during the Dutch period to conduct research. In this building, phytochemical research (chemicals originating from plants) in Indonesia was first performed.

Treub Laboratory

The name of the laboratory itself, Treub Laboratorium taken from the name of one of Bogor Botanical Garden Director, Melchior Treub, a botanist who has devoted himself for nearly 30 years. It was he who founded Buitenzorg Landbouw Hogeschool, the forerunner of the Bogor Agricultural Institute. Treub served from 1880 to 1905.

The building next to Treub Laboratories, now a Nusa Indah Guest House, was once the home where Melchior Treub lived.

The Nusa Indah Guest House

9. Zoological Museum

Spend more of your time here. Quite a lot can be seen and studied. Especially if you want to know various species of fauna in Indonesia.

The Zoological Museum, though only displays a variety of preserved animals, but at least shows the biodiversity that exists in the archipelago. Various types of animals, ranging from mammals to insects can be seen in their original form.

The Zoology Museum

Diorama of the Deer Fight against Wolves at the Zoological Museum

In this museum, there are many dioramas with those featuring the animals as the actor. Not life of course.

Blue Whale Fossil inside zoology museum

There is a diorama featuring a deer that is fighting with a herd of wolves. A rhino in its original size in a glass, until a variety of reptiles such as snakes or sea animals such as giant crabs, can be observed.

The number of various animals preserved and displayed in this museum reaches 2000 species that are actually only a small part of the collection owned. The big part is kept in the museum colleagues in the area Cibinong Bogor.

One of the favorite icons of this place is an intact bone of the world’s greatest creature, the blue whale. To show off the bones just needed a separate room in the museum.

The Zoological Museum also has a very long history. To find out how long the journey of this place is, as well as why there are still many Bogor residents who call it Bulao Office, you can visit the writing Museum Zoology – History of Bulao Office.

It is not a zoo. Visitors will not find the animals in action, aka alive. Nevertheless, can you say this museum is not interesting?

Moreover, we can learn about the wealth of the world of the fauna of Indonesia. We will also understand, at least not wonder why in the past, the Netherlands sent many experts to study it.

10. Meksiko Park


There is a small desert that you can see in Bogor Botanical Garden area. This park looks arid, and it seems deliberately made so.

His name is Mexico Park. This place will take you to feel a bit of barren atmosphere of a desert.

Mexico Park

Take it easy, though hotter than the rest, the Mexican Park is not 100% desert. The breeze from the surroundings keeps the surrounding air cool. Not to mention the boisterous noise of vehicles through Otto Iskandardinata Street will be heard there.

Hundreds of species of succulent plants are scattered in Mexican Parks. Starting from the dwarfs, which makes you have to bend the body to see it, up to double your height, is here.

11. Bridge Breaker Love

Do not imagine there is a special sighting on this Love Breaker Bridge. The shape is just like a bridge suspension where the frame of the bridge depends on a thick wire.

This bridge is red and the length is approximately 25-30 meters only. Built at the same time with the extension of Bogor Botanical Gardens to the East.

The Bridge Breaker Love

Nothing special in terms of physical. Nevertheless, this bridge will spur the least adrenaline when you and your girlfriend pass through it.

The myth of the many relationships that ran aground after passing this bridge until now still continues to be heard. Some visitors once told of their relationship with their partner who ended. Nevertheless, when they hear their story, it seems to be just a coincidence that the end of romance comes after crossing over this bridge. Maybe yes maybe no.

12. Canary Street II

If you want to know what Bogor is like in the 1970s, then this road shows its form. A row of Canary Trees on both sides of the road, exactly what can be found in that era in almost every street in Bogor City.

The Canary Street

Therefore, once at a time, the city of Bogor is also known as the City of Walnut. The reason is simple, everywhere will find the tree Kenari, and many people Bogor once earned income from making crafts from walnut.

You can take advantage of the benches that exist along this road, or wherever you want to rest. The atmosphere is very quiet and quiet. Part of Bogor Botanical Garden which is rarely getting a visit, giving profits for lovers of silence and serenity.

Please take a fresh look at the greenery that dominates almost along the way. Enjoy it before the walnut trees have to fall or be demolished because of their age.

Feel enough to enjoy fresh air ala Bogor in the past?

13. Astrid Park

Ever heard of the beauty of a Belgian queen who was the mother of King Boudouin? Very beautiful. Even see his picture in the past clothing, her beauty is not inferior to the beauty of Miss Universe. Her name is Princess Astrid. Her beauty was famous throughout the universe of her time.

Astrid Park

The name is now the name of the Garden which is located just behind the Door IV aka Special Door Pedestrian Bogor Botanical Garden.

The thick green grass combined with the fountain, the pool, and the Kana flower is a hallmark of Astrid Park. The Beauty of the princess like to be immortalized in the form of the beauty of this park. In addition to its beauty, Park Astrid has two things that will surely entice you. The first bore a pond. It is rare to realize that in the pond there is a rare plant species.

The Astrid Pool

This pool is often referred to as the Astrid pool. Nevertheless not infrequently also called the Giant Lotus Pond, Giant Lotus or latin name Veronica Amazonica.

Yes, it is rare to see a water plant that exceeds the size of the pond (a tool for choosing rice used in the past). This Giant Lotus Type when the adult leaves can lift a baby on it without fear of the baby drowning.

It shows how strong the Lotus leaf that originally came from the Amazon River. The flowers are pretty white and slightly yellowish.

Views of the Astrid Pool or the Giant Lotus, it will invite you to throw yourself, especially in the dry season. Do not do it. Lotus leaves will not be able to support your body. Get soaked if you do that. The other side of the area around Astrid Park is no less beautiful. Also often not realized its beauty because its form is just a road. The street name. Actually, there is another unique place in the area of Astrid Park which is interesting, which is a Cafe. The cafe is quite unique, that is

14. Grand Garden Cafe

Here your eyes will be pampered red umbrellas shade tables and chairs on the cafe terrace. The color contrasts with the thick green grass in the open area in front of him. The blend of red and green features a unique view.

The Grand Garden Cafe

When approached, it will be seen also that the only cafe in this Bogor Botanical Gardens, seems to be designed to adjust to the historical theme of Bogor Botanical Garden. Some European nuances appear on the face. Part comb, ornament nuances typical of Indonesia. The 44th President of US Barrack Obama had to visit this place accompanied by 7th President of Indonesia Jokowi to make relax conversation in a long enough time.

Jokowi And Obama in Grand Garden Cafe

Interesting place.

15. Orchid House

Yes, as the name implies, this is part of the Bogor Botanical Gardens which is devoted as a place to store approximately 500 species of orchids. Not only that taken from various forests in Indonesia but also various types of hybrid orchids aka the cross.

The Orchid House

His name is sometimes called Taman Anggrek or Rumah Anggrek. Nevertheless, this greenhouse or greenhouse was named Griya Orchid when it was inaugurated.

The landscape in Griya Orchid is stunning because you will see orchids like hanging in the greenhouse. Different types of orchids can be found here. To distinguish it, the left wing Griya Orchid is for orchid species or natural orchids. While the right wing for the hybrid orchid.

Trust me. This place will make you feel at home linger here. If you need a souvenir-style botanical garden Bogor, it feels like orchids from Griya Orchid is the most appropriate. You can buy it directly here because Griya Orchid also serves as a shop.



The Sujana Kassan Park

Well, if you are in Soedjana Kassan Park, try to find the symbol of the Indonesian state there, the Garuda Pancasila. Try from various angles that may indicate the presence of an eagle in the park which is also known as Lebak Soedjana Kassan’s Park.

Form of Garuda in Sujana Kassan Park

Why there is Garuda in the park and who is Soedjana Kassan, Soedjana Kassan Park was inaugurated on May 18, 1985 or 30 years ago. This place was built as a tribute to a curator and then became the head of the Bogor Botanical Garden for 10 years between 1959 and 1969. According to Bogor Botanical Garden Website, Soedjana Kassan was the first Indonesian to become the director of this Botanical Garden.

This is one of the fun spots to visit. In the steps, there are old and large hanging roots so that adults can swing without fear of broken roots.

Please try it yourself if you do not believe it. Oh yes, do not forget to play your camera. It’s one of those spots that will produce great photos if you can find the right angle.

17. Tomb of Mbah Jepra

Tomb of Mbah Jepra


If you decide to see it, then we have to cross to the old part of the Botanical Garden before 1927. Not too far away. From Soedjana Kassan Park there is another suspension bridge, also red to the Mbah Jepra Tomb.

The complex of Mbak Jepra’s grave holds a mystery not just because of “myth”. From the side of archeology and history, if proven then this tomb complex is a proof of the origin of Bogor and the age of this Rain City.

The reason is simple, in this complex is believed to be a funeral for three important figures of the Pakuan Pajajaran Kingdom that once capitalized in Bogor. One of the tombs, believed by many, as the tomb of the second wife of Prabu Siliwangi, the King of Pajajaran.

If it is proved, it means the age of this tomb is 300 years older than the age of Bogor Botanical Garden and 230 years older than the age of Bogor Palace. King Siliwangi himself came to power in 1482.

That’s a puzzle that needs to be dug deeper. Historical value is too high.

The atmosphere around the tomb complex Mbah Jepra owns it feels tense. Maybe because the story of awesomeness this place has spread everywhere. Many stories of people “wretched” for doing inappropriate in this area. That said, it was caused by the anger of Mbah Jepra who did not want his place littered with inappropriate deeds.

These are interesting places that you can visit when visiting the Bogor Botanical Garden. So are you still hesitant to vacation here?

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