Indonesian special forces, Kopassus

Do you know that Indonesian military forces are trusted by some countries to specifically train their military personnel? Although now Indonesia’s military is ranked 14th out of 126 countries in the world according to global data firepower index, the Indonesian military turns out to be a role model for other countries. The Indonesian military units which trusted to train military forces in other countries are the Special Forces Command Unit known as the Army Special Forces (Kopassus TNI AD). In 2014, for example, Kopassus was inundated with requests to train militaries in ASEAN countries, particularly in firing squads.
The Special Forces Command, abbreviated to Kopassus, is part of the Army Defense Center, which has special capabilities such as rapid moves in every field, precise firing, surveillance, and anti-terror.

The reason some of these countries specifically requested the Indonesian military capability especially Kopassus was the reputation of Kopassus himself achieved in completing various dangerous missions and various international achievements. The most dangerous missions Kopassus has ever performed include the DI / TII crackdowns, the PRRI / Permesta military operations, the Trikora Operations, the Dwikora Operations, the G30S / PKI crackdown, the Pepera in West Irian, the Seroja Operations in East Timor, the hostage release operation at Don Muang- Thailand (Woyla), GPK Operations in Aceh, hostage release operations in Mapenduma, as well as various other military operations.

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Meanwhile, some of the achievements achieved by Kopassus are the one-time sniper champion in the Asia Pacific Elite Forces, 2nd (from 35th) in terms of success and success of military operations (intelligence – movement – incursions – enforcement) at the Elite Forces in Tactical, Deployment, and Assault in Vienna Austria, was named the Discovery Channel Military as the world’s third-best elite squad after the UK’s Special Air Service (SAS) and Mossad Israel in 2008, reached the summit of Mount Everest in 1997.
Due to their experience and achievements, it is no wonder the Indonesian military, especially Kopassus, was honored to train military forces in friendly countries. Countries that receive training services from Kopassus are:

1. Country of North Africa

One of the foreign country’s foreigners who has been trained by Indonesia is the African country who has been rumored to have studied with Kopassus. Kopassus is one of the best elite corps in Indonesia that has many good achievements for competition and missions.

Kopassus training in North African countries is known to provide lessons about survival, strategy, martial arts, and does not depend on advanced equipment with results in accordance with the concept of training in Kopassus.

North Africa Military

2. Cambodia

With the many achievements of Kopassus, this makes many foreign countries interested in attending this Kopassus training like Cambodia. In training for the Cambodian nation, the Indonesian military decided to send an elite unit named ParaKomando 911 Battalion. The elite soldiers are known to be one of the most vocal in Cambodia. And since often trained by Kopassus their skills go up rapidly.

Cambodia Military

3. Timor Leste

The country of Timor Leste is also rumored to have asked to be trained TNI Indonesia since 2012 ago. The deputy commander of the East Timor military, Filomeno Da Paixa De Jesus, asked the Indonesian military to be able to train their tents. But from the TNI itself trying to do business profitably, they advise Timor Leste to all buy military attributes from Indonesia ranging from artificial weapons Pindad to military uniforms from Sritex.

Timor Leste Military

4. Brunei Darussalam

Brunei is also said to have been interested in recruiting Indonesian elite troops as their coach. Even the expertise of shooting owned by TNI Indonesia makes Brunei intend to raise Kopassus to train their firing group which will perform at an event.

Brunei Darussalam Military

5. Myanmar

The country of Myanmar also requested that their military is trained by Kopassus from Indonesia. This is expressed in the arena of ASEAN Armies Rifle Meet (AARM) in 2014, in which the TNI can record a victory record by bringing 29 of 45 gold medals. Since then, the TNI has also been flooded with coaching offers in neighboring countries.

Myanmar Military

That is some information about the strength of the Indonesian military that is believed to train military power in some countries.


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