The Mekarsari Fruit Garden

Have you ever imagined visiting a place with someone closest to where you are surrounded by a variety of fruits and picking them at will? In addition to picking it, you are also allowed to enjoy the fruit you meet on a journey as much. Such a place you can find when visiting Indonesia, precisely in the Bogor area of West Java. The place was called Mekarsari Fruit Garden.

Picking rambutans at Mekarsari Park

The Mekarsari Fruit Garden is one of the largest biodiversity conservation biodiversity centers in the world, especially the kind of superior fruits collected from all regions of Indonesia, as well as a place of cultivation (agronomic) research, breeding, and seed breeding for then disseminated to farmers and the general public.

Mekarsari aims to create a garden of horticulture consisting of orchards, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants that serve as collection gardens and as a source of germplasm, and is expected to become a horticultural recreation park that later can be developed into a center of horticulture studies, especially for fruit crops, lowland fruits and vegetables.

Mekarsari Fruit Garden is designed with the pattern of Lamtoro Gung as its main theme because the plant is a versatile plant symbol, as a conservation of the environment and the fulfillment of life necessities. The uniqueness and benefits of Lamtoro Gung include:

  • The leaves, flowers, and fruits can be used to feed fish, as animal feed can accelerate growth and fatten livestock.
  • As a protective plant, the canopy protects other plants from the sun and rain; its strong root system can prevent erosion and landslides.
  • As a greenery in the city/countryside can reduce air pollution so that the environment is more green and comfortable.
  • Resistant to plant pests and diseases.
  • Resist to short inundation, drought, fire, and salinity.
  • As a green manure crop, its roots can loosen and fertilize the soil, be able to bind nitrogen free from the air, and decayed leaves into humus that fertilizes the soil.
  • Can be planted on slopes to prevent erosion and landslides.

As a tourist resort area of 264 hectares, Mekarsari Park has 1,470 varieties of fruit crops and 100,000 trees, including spice plants, biofarmaka plants, food crops, ornamental plants, vegetable plants, industrial plants and protective plants. Here there is also a laboratory to cross several varieties of plants that produce Barbados cherry, nose petruk water guava, clove water, arnis pineapple, toon clow water guava, as well as fruit cempedak and jackfruit jelly called pedakka, cempeka, and nangkadak. In addition, in Mekarsari Park, you can also find rare plants such as carrion flower, sawo kecik, persimmon, and tropical plants such as zalacca, jackfruit, orange, rambutan, star fruit, melon, and many more.
Mekarsari Park has many water rides, including fishing, water bikes, banana boats, aqua bike, water swans, canoes, and dragon boats. Water tourism in Mekarsari Park also provides Water Kingdom facilities covering an area of 5.2 hectares that can accommodate 15,000 visitors and is the largest water park in Asia.

At Water Kingdom Mekarsari Park, there is Lazy River, the longest current pool in Indonesia with a length of 600 meters. In addition, there is also Boomerang Slide which has a height of 16 meters tower and skates along the 118 meters.
Water tourism in Mekarsari Park not only in the Water Kingdom because this park also has Lake Cipicung which covers about 20 hectares. In this lake, you can enjoy the view on a motorboat and take pictures with a background of a red iron bridge across the lake. In addition, you can also see the views of the city of Bogor and Mekarsari Park area above the 30-meter tower located in this area.

The Mekarsari Park Water Kingdom

Besides as a tourist place, Mekarsari Park also provides outbound activities for companies and individuals. The rides provided for this outbound activity include flying fox, spider web, tree house, paintball, and others.

Ticket Price

To be able to enter the tourist attractions Mekarsari Park, you will be charged a rate of 25.000 Rupiah for adults and children, both during weekdays and weekends. Interestingly, here using the Top-Up system, which is charging the balance in order to use the rides so you do not have to queue to buy tickets if you want to ride a vehicle. Entrance fee of 25,000 Rupiah contains 15.000 Rupiah for the regional entrance fee, 10.000 Rupiah for RFID bracelet, this bracelet is used for filling balance. If you go home, you can take home this RFID bracelet or redeem it, then you will get the remaining balance in the bracelet.

Tariff of retribution for a vehicle is 5,000 Rupiah for 2 wheels, 15.000 Rupiah for 4 wheels, and 35.000 Rupiah for a bus.
The rides at Mekarsari Park are subject to different rates, with prices ranging from 10,000 Rupees to 55,000 Rupiah.

By public transport:

1. From UKI (Indonesian Christian University) using Cileungsi bus, followed by Cileungsi – Jonggol city transportation. You can get off in front of the location.

2. From Kampung Rambutan, you can ride the city transportation Kowanbisata Bogor – Jonggol and down right in front of the gate of Taman Wisata Mekarsari.

3. From the city of Bekasi, using the bus Kowanbisata Bekasi – Jonggol, then you will be able to get off in front of tourist attractions Mekarsari Park.

If you wish to use private transportation, you can follow Jagorawi toll lane which exit at Toll Gate Cibubur then towards Cileungsi route. You will arrive at Mekarsari Park within a period of about 20 to 30 minutes from the toll.


Taman Wisata Mekarsari provides 3 package options for stay:

1. Tree house, with tariff 770.000 Rupiah (weekdays), and 990.000 Rupiah (weekend).

The Tree House

2. D’Cabin, with tariff 660.000 Rupiah (weekdays), and 880.000 Rupiah (weekend).

Container House, D’Cabin

3. Family Camp, with tariff 800.000 Rupiah (weekdays & weekend).

The Family Camp

All accommodation above is the rate per night for 4 people.

So, have you decided to travel here?

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