Indonesian Noodles, Mie Ayam

Talking about Indonesia certainly cannot be separated from the name of its culinary wealth. In the International, food typical of Indonesia is best known for fried rice, satay, and rendang. But no mistake when you visit the capital city of Indonesia in Jakarta, not too many people know the one of best culinary java noodle named Mie Ayam. If in Japan have ramen noodles as one of the best noodles there, Indonesia has Mie Ayam as the most favored noodles by the people of Indonesia. This noodle is chewy texture combined with pieces of tasty brown fortified chicken meat coupled with sprinkling vegetables and spices typical of Java. Given its history, this dish is an adaptation of Chinese food. Some people are also often confused to mention ‘bakmi ‘ or ‘chicken noodle’. The difference is usually in the use of meat, noodles intended with the use of pork. However, because pork is not commonly consumed, so noodles were modified with stuffed chicken. And Mie Ayam is boiled noodles with herbs and given a mixture of chicken meat. One of the famous Mie Ayam in Jakarta and been legend in the ears of Jakarta people in particular namely, Mie Ayam Gondangdia and also Mie Ayam Bakso Yunus. To taste it you have to come to Central Jakarta precisely on the road R . P Soeroso In addition to Mie Ayam Gondangdia, there is also a legendary Mie Ayam Yunus where is in the area of Tebet Barat.

In contrast to Gondangdia noodles that are formulated by Chinese descent, Mie Ayam Yunus is owned by a man from Wonogiri named H . Yunus who has stood since 1984. The noodle is not thin served soft chewy with a mixture of chopped marinated chicken meat with chicken oil alloy.

Most delicious plus the meatballs and crackers dumplings. The price is also affordable. Interested in trying this legendary Mie Ayam, just come to the location. 

This Culinary is not only you get it in Jakarta, but many places in entire province in Indonesia serve Mie Ayam in different exotic taste. We will inform you about kind of Mie Ayam in the different place in next article. Thanx to visit our page.

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