Nicole Zefanya, Young Indonesian Singer

What do you do when you are 19? Perhaps most of you are preoccupied with college assignments or seeking experience in the company after graduating from school. However, it is slightly different from what Nicole Zefanya did. At the age of 19 years, Nicole Zefanya who is familiar in nickname Niki already busy with her career in the field of music. Her activity at a young age makes Niki look different to the teenagers generally, because through her work in the music world, this Indonesian teenager has been trusted by one of the famous record label in the United States, 88Rising.

Niki is a familiar name in the audience of music lovers in Indonesia. Her name began to be known about four years ago when she won one of the singing contests “Cornetto Ride To Fame” which can then make her appear as one of the opening singers in Taylor Swift concert. She also got a chance to get a recording contract for one year.
In that moment she was just 15 years old, the songs with the theme of friendship become the main dish of the work of Niki. Like one of them in the song ‘awali hari dengan cinta’ which was released by Sony Music in 2014 ago. Unfortunately, after the song, her career is not too popular and not so heard again.

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In an interview video, she who now works on the RnB music genre, just said that never before thought could produce a song that nuanced RnB.

Through her song ‘See U Never’, Niki was won by 88rising, an American music label that took Rich “chigga” Brian, after previously playing her work to Rich Brian. The song lasted 3 minutes 43 seconds was recognized Niki inspired by the story of the breakup of romance relationship she had experienced.

Beginning in May 2018, Niki re-released the single titled “Vintage”. The song has a strong strength with simple elements. In this video clip, she shows a vintage impression that matches the title of the song. Starting from the costume, property, until the scene shown was packed with style “old school”.

Indonesia will continue to produce the talented person in the field of music or other fields to color and give the impression to the world that Indonesia is a country with a myriad of talents.


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