Indonesian runner, Karisma Evi Tiarani competed in the T63 women's 100 meters final in the 2019 athletics world championships in Dubai on Wednesday (11/13) night. Charisma managed to break the world record with a record time of 14.72 seconds. source: REUTERS / Christopher Pike

The 2019 Para Athletics World Championship in Dubai is a proving ground for the disability runner Karisma Tiarani who won a gold medal and broke a new world record. The 18-year-old woman completed the race with a record time of 14.72 seconds. The record also set a new world record in the number 100 meter T36 women’s class.

Karisma succeeded in overtaking Italian athlete Monica Graziana Contrafatto, who came in second with a record time of 15.56 seconds. Meanwhile, in the third position was occupied by Gitte Haenen who came from Belgium with a record time of 15.60 seconds.

For the incision, Karisma Evi Tiarani, was entitled to an automatic ticket to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic event. “I didn’t expect it because I had to compete with seniors,” Karisma said, quoted by from Antara News.

Karisma admitted that she could not set a gold medal at the event, let alone to break the world record. Because, she felt that her competitors were senior athletes who were far more experienced than her.

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“Her opponent is extraordinary, because most of the senior athletes are experienced,” he said. Meanwhile, the coach Purwo Adi Sanyoto revealed that there was no specific training program provided.

He and his coaching team only provided a similar program prepared to deal with ASEAN Paragames Philippines. In addition, he also said that previously Karisma had broken the world record in the Paris Open tournament at the end of August.

In the championship, Karisma scored 14.90 seconds. “Before this prestigious event, the first world record was actually in Paris. Then it was solved again here (Dubai) in its own name,” Purwo Adi said.

The alumni of SMA N 8 Surakarta claimed to have been pursuing athletics since 2014. Previously she intended to enter the world of badminton, apparently athletics was more suited to her.

“It used to be badminton at first. Continue to be interested in athletics,” she said. Evi’s struggle is not over, now she is preparing for other international matches including Paralympic in Tokyo next year.


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