Successful Indonesian amateur cyclists conquered the legendary Paris Brest Paris

The proud news now comes from the Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) event in Paris, France. This event is a legendary long-distance cycling event held every 4 years in Paris. This event was organized by Audax Club Parisien (ACP). The event which was attended by approximately 6000 participants became a venue for proofment by 3 amateur cyclists from Indonesia who completed PBP as far as 1,215 km with a fantastic time record of 82 hours 53 minutes. They are Sandi Adila, Hendriyanto Wijaya and Vidi Widyastomo.

Sandi Adila and Hendriyanto Wijaya are two cyclists from the Brompton Monas Cyclists Club. Each PBP participant is required to complete the cycling activities as far as 1,215 km on the route determined by the committee within no later than 90 hours. The implementation of this PBP is independent, in the sense that each participant may not get any assistance or support during the trip. In addition to the distance of 1,200 km, various challenges must be faced by each participant.

The route that has been prepared by the committee passes through the hilly contours so that the total elevation that must be completed by each participant is approximately 12,000 meters or 1.5 times from the summit of Everest. In addition, cold weather conditions at night (with temperatures that can touch 4 degrees Celsius) are also one of the toughest challenges for Indonesian participants. In total there are more than 6,000 participants from all over the world who participated in this event.

Not only Sandi, Hendriyanto, and Vidi, there were only participants from Indonesia who took part in this event, but 10 other participants, bringing the total number of participants from Indonesia to 13 people.

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At a glance PBP is a long distance cycling area. It was originally a 1,200 km (750 miles) bicycle race from Paris to Brest and returned to Paris in 1891. It was last run as a race in 1951. The latest PBP edition was held on 18-22 August 2019.

In 1931 amateur cyclists were separated from professionals. There are two independent long distance bicycle tours. One of them is brevet (also called randonnée), where cyclists ride individually. The goal is to make it within 90 hours, but without competition. This is held every four years. The other is an audax where cyclists ride in groups, held every five years. So in 1931 there were three independent cycling events, sharing the same route.


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