Raden Roro Ayu Maulida Putri when she was chosen as the winner of face of asia 2019 who is now the representative of Indonesia in the Miss Universe 2020 event. Source: youtube screenshot asia model festival

The organization of Princess of Indonesia 2020 has ended with the election of Ayu Maulida from East Java as Indonesia’s representative in the Miss Universe 2020 event which will be held next July. Ayu Maulida won the crown of the princess of Indonesia 2020 after defeating 38 other princesses of Indonesia 2020 finalists. The woman whose full name is Raden Roro Ayu Maulida Putri is a native woman from Surabaya who graduated from Airlangga University. The appointment of Ayu Maulida as the princess of Indonesia 2020 is certainly expected to be able to maintain and improve the achievements that have been carved by the 2019 Indonesian Princess Frederika Alexis Cull.

Ayu Maulida can be said to be a pageant fighter, because before succeeding in becoming the Miss of Indonesia in East Java 2020 in 2017, she had joined the Princess of Indonesia at the East Java Province level. But unfortunately, she had to accept the bitter pill for failing to advance as a winner. Fatma Ayu from Blitar succeeded in becoming the Princess of Indonesia in East Java at that time.

Ayu Maulida who was born on July 11, 1997, has indeed shown the talent to become a professional model. Although initially not approved by her parents, Ayuma, her nickname, managed to prove her talent until several times won awards in the modeling world.

The second child of three siblings won the Asia Model Festival 2019 modeling contest and won the Face of Asia 2019. Not only that, she also won the Best Catwalk Female Model award given when he took part in the Indonesia Fashion Week 2019 last.

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Her modeling career since she was 14 years old formed a person who never gave up, was brave and independent. For Ayuma, being a princess of Indonesia was her biggest dream since childhood. Ayuma also has advocacy called Senyum Desa (Smile Village). Starting from uneven domestic development was felt by the villagers. The main factor is indeed the severity of economic conditions in the village which causes the education of rural communities to be classified as very low.

Senyum Desa has a number of programs to empower women and village children on the importance of education by providing counseling and seminars to not be afraid of dreaming, providing educational facilities such as books, mini-libraries and supporting tools for school needs, and providing counseling about opportunities and potentials of the village so that they can to support village independence.

Therefore, with this “Senyum Desa” programs, children and women in rural areas have the same hope to make a difference in Indonesia, especially in rural communities.


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