Professor Dr. Ing. Hendro Wicaksono who won the Teacher of the Year predicate from Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany. Source:

This time Indonesia should be proud after one of the nation’s people has shown the world that Indonesia can be an example of modern international education. He is professor Hendro Wicaksono (38) who is recognized by all academics at Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany and is entitled to receive recognition in the form of a Teacher of the Year award. This proud achievement was conveyed by the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin’s Social and Cultural Affairs official Hannan Hadi to ANTARA London on Monday (7/9/2020). In the certificate, Hendro has succeeded in making online learning methods intrinsically satisfying and valuable experience for students. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, assessments of lecturers were also carried out on the online learning process.

The man with the complete title of Prof. Dr-Ing is also considered successful in giving lectures persuasively and encouraging high enthusiasm of students, especially during the virtual learning period. Reporting from ANTARA, Hendro, who commented on his achievements, said digital transformation was accelerating during the Covid-19 pandemic. Basically, learning materials on the internet are very easily accessible to students, both from free and paid sources. “We can easily learn new concepts and technologies via the internet,” he said as quoted by ANTARA.

“A lecturer is not only a conveyor of knowledge, but also a gathering and carrier of knowledge,” he continued. Also read: Indonesian women are called suicide bombers in the southern Philippines, which killed 14 people Media such as the internet, games, virtual reality, etc. are only intermediary media.

He should not only take the contents of books, articles, or videos as teaching material, but must gather several sources, including from experiences and personal points of view. Hendro holds a Dr-Ing degree in mechanical technology from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.

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He is relatively new to teaching on campus, for about three years and immediately successfully won the title of best lecturer. ANTARA reported, apart from being a lecturer, Hendro also served as Head of Research Group for Intelligent Data Management for Industry 4.0 (INDEED) on campus. Hendro’s research results have been recognized and used in many institutions in Germany and other Europe. In 2013 Hendro developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based energy efficiency improvement system that is used in several buildings in Germany, Eindhoven in the Netherlands, and Seville and Barcelona in Spain.

A year later he made a similar system with additional utility features in smartphones and the use of various sensors in several government offices in Germany, including Baden-Wuerttemberg. Research on this system continues to be developed and in 2015-2016 it is used for smart city systems in Cambridge England, Seville Spain, and Lizanello Italy.


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