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The original works made in Indonesia once again received an international awards. This time the award came from The 7th World Government Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on 10-12 February 2019. This Indonesian-made work is the Qlue application which was named the Best Mobile Government Service in the Public Empowerment category. This cellphone-based application won an award after defeating five other nominees including Pakistan Citizen Portal from Pakistan and NYC 311 from the United States.

The winner of this category is given to the developers of mobile phone-based creative innovation applications that have succeeded in helping the government realize positive changes in the local country, even in the world. Qlue is considered as an application that is able to encourage active community participation in helping the government to improve the surrounding environment.

The Qlue Smart City application wins the Best Mobile Government Service in the Public Empowerment category

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The Qlue Smart City application is a social media based platform used by Jakarta residents to channel public service complaints. Citizens can convey all matters related to public services with accompanying images and geotag-based locations. The existence of this application contributes to government accountability by resolving all the problems that have been complained.

Throughout 2018, as many as 102,594 reports were submitted by residents of DKI Jakarta through the Qlue application with more than 82% being followed up by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. Besides that, the level of public trust has risen to around 47% and 61.4% of public problems can be resolved.

The Qlue application was first popularized by the 15th Jakarta Governor Basuki (Ahok) Tjahaja Purnama who collaborated with the CEO and founder of the Qlue application Rama Raditya. Seeing the many problems that occur in Jakarta, this is the beginning of the creation of the Qlue application. Rama took the initiative to contribute to overcoming the Jakarta problem by introducing Qlue to the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, which at that time was still led by Basuki Tjahaja Purnama as the Governor of DKI. “At that time Mr. Ahok was interested and we immediately worked together and we thought that with this application we could make Jakarta better,” explained Rama.

Qlue’s pride in gaining world recognition was also expressed by Setiaji Irono, Head of Jakarta Smart City Management Unit, Department of Communication, Information and Statistics of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government.

“We are proud because Qlue as a nation’s work won world recognition with the Best Mobile Government Service award. This is inseparable from the support of many parties. In the future, we want the Qlue Smart City application to be integrated with applications from the central government so that complaints due to problems the central government can resolved, “Setiaji said.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Administrative Reform of the Bureaucratic Reform (PAN and RB), Syafruddin who was the leader of the Indonesian delegation at the World Government Summit, in Dubai, congratulated Qlue.

“We congratulate Qlue for its success in gaining an award in the World Government Summit for the Public Empowerment category. Hopefully this award can be used by the regional government to address environmental issues in the region and benefit the wider community,” said Syafruddin.


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