the mayor recipients of the Lee Kuan Yew Awards

Historical momentum event has happened in the hero city of Surabaya. Monday, 7/9/2018 Surabaya officially received the award of Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize in the Special Mention category at World Cities Summit (WCS) 2018 which was received directly by Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini. Taking place at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center, Singapore, Risma and the three mayors who won the same awards are Kazan (Russia), Hamburg (Germany) and Tokyo (Japan) and the main winner of Seoul (South Korea).

In her speech, Risma said that the limited budget of Surabaya City in its development, not an obstacle to build a sustainable city. This is evidenced by the achievement of a very prestigious award. “The Surabaya city budget may be smaller than the other three winning cities, but we can prove it can change the face of the city more comfortable, clean for the people,” Risma said in her speech.

Major City of Surabaya Tri Rismarini when shows the awards to audience

Risma also explained the success of Surabaya City in changing the face of slum fishermen village to be colorful and clean may also get an assessment. In fact, community economic programs for fishermen are able to lift the economy of citizens as well as social and childcare. Of course, the awards will also be a booster for Surabaya to continue developing the city’s potential.

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Risma also ensures the economic community and youth are not only trained in financial products and management even from licensing terms. In the field of education, Mayor Risma explained that Surabaya City has many scholarship programs for Surabaya children, from pilots, aircraft engine engineering to flight attendants.

“We also take the university to provide scholarships in various departments,” she added.
The first women’s mayor in Surabaya also claimed to embrace innovation, adapt to new technologies and address new business models and face new challenges ahead.
For Risma this international award is not the main purpose of development in the City of Heroes. But only as a parameter of development success. this biennial awards, the first time followed by Surabaya in mid-2014 ago. But it failed. The next two years, 2016, the city led by Risma during these two periods again failed. And only in 2018 was successfully won the award.

As a form of pride, Risma entrusted the Lee Kuan Yew award charter around the city today. The prestigious award for the world-class city was paraded by Risma using a jeep from Korem Headquarters located on the border of Surabaya-Sidoarjo south side, to Town Hall on Mustajab Mayor Street.

In addition to the charter of Lee Kuan Yew, there were also three other international level awards, from ASEAN Tourism Forum, UN Global Green City 2017, and Learning City from UNESCO.

Risma added that Lee Kuan Yew City Prize is considered the most special because Surabaya is considered unique from other cities, especially related to village empowerment which also aims to preserve history in Surabaya.



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