Rio Danu Utama Tjabu (right) and Tirano Baja successfully collected the fourth and fifth gold in sea games 2019. Doc: Ministry of Youth and Sport

Rio Danu Utama Tjabu and Tirano Baja became the fourth and fifth athletes who successfully contributed gold to the Indonesian contingent at the 2019 SEA Games event in the Philippines. The fourth and fifth gold won after Rio Danu Utama Tjabu and Tirano Baja won the final match at the Marine Corps Training Center, Philippines, Monday (2/12). Rio Tjabu won the gold medal after being the winner in the WA 1,500 precision pistol contest Rio’s son succeeded in defeating his national plate partner, Safrin Sihombing, with 1442-57x points. While Safrin collected 1435-53x points. The bronze medal belongs to Malaysian male athlete Hintu who gets 1432-45x points.

The second gold from the shooting branch was taken by Tirano Baja from the men’s mixed benchrest light varmint number. Tirano collected a total score of 734-28x and defeated Filipino athlete Celedonio Tayao who scored 734-23x points. The bronze medal belongs to Indonesian athlete Wahyu Aji Putra with 727-25x points.

The shooting branch also won a silver medal from the men’s 10-meter air rifle number through Fathur Gustafian. With a total of 248.4 points, Fathur lost to Thai athlete Panyaton Pongsaton who incised 250.6 points. Singapore athlete Mohamad Irwan Abdul Rahman, who has 225.9 points.

Until 12:30 WIB on the second day of the 2019 SEA Games, Indonesia had won four gold medals. Previously, Windy Cantika Aisah’s lifter won the women’s 49-kilogram number, while another gold medal was won by Jauhari Johan from the duathlon branch.

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Thus, until this news was revealed, Indonesia had collected five gold medals. Indonesia won the first gold medal from the men’s water polo branch.

Indonesia also successfully won two other silver medals today through wushu athlete Harris Horatius Taolu Nandao / Nangun Combine son. Another silver medal was taken by Tiara Andini Prastika from the women’s downhill MTB branch.

With the addition of two gold, one silver and bronze, Indonesia is now ranked fourth in the standings while obtaining a medal.

Until 13:00 WIB, Indonesia successfully coup Malaysia with five gold, eight silver, and seven bronze.


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