Pribadi Bandung Junior High School Students Achieve The Best Teamwork in China. (istimewa)

Good news now comes from the “The Third Belt and Road Teenager Maker Camp & Teacher Workshop” event, which was held on September 24-30, 2019 in the Nanning of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. The event that contested creativity in assembling robots became a separate proving stage for Bandung Private Junior High School students who successfully won the “Best Team Work for Intelligent Robotic” award, he was Muhammad Dihya Aby Abdi Manaf.

Dihya himself was chosen to represent Indonesia because of his experience in the OSN over the past two years, especially the finalists at OSN who had ended in Yogyakarta, early July 2019. At the end of the event, Dihya and his Indonesian teammates presented the Saman Dance, which resulted in very applause. festive of all participants and judges. “Initially, I was hopeless, because when I met representatives from Romania, assembling the robot was not fixed, so I was able to remove certain parts during the battle. But it’s fortunate that the team supports each other and doesn’t blame each other. ”Ibni’s story, Dihya’s daily call, while excited. In this section, Dihya acts as a robot programmer.

All processes went smoothly, although in preparation, Dihya’s laptop was damaged because it was used for four days continuously in succession in completing its project. “This achievement proves that our young generation is full of talents with great potential to boast of the fragrant name of Indonesia on the world stage. This is in line with our vision and mission to produce outstanding and virtuous generations, “concluded the head of Bandung Private Junior High School, Muhammad Budiawan, commenting on this achievement.

In this prestigious event, Dihya and his Indonesian representative friends won awards after outperforming more than 140 participants from all over the world. Participants came from junior high school students (ages 13-15) from all over the world selected by each country based on the track record at the National Science Olympiad (OSN).

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This activity was held by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MOST), the China Association for Science & Technology (CAST), the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Government, and the Children & Youth Science Center (CYSC). Activities aimed at strengthening inter-cultural exchanges and promoting international understanding, as well as inspiring the innovation of young people around the world.


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