The Legendary Indonesian Dessert, Selendang Mayang

Never call yourself a true culinary adventurer if you have never tasted this legendary Indonesian dessert. This Indonesian dessert is almost difficult to find considering the many variations of dessert in this modern era that makes one of these legendary drinks eroded by the times. The name of that legendary Indonesian dessert is The Selendang Mayang. Name of Selendang Mayang was already foreign in the hearing. Called Selendang Mayang because each layer consists of several colors. Served by cutting a thin elongated like a scarf. Then given a little coconut milk and sugar water and ice cubes. Cut each layer made of cake flour using bamboo.

Many who do not know this traditional beverage typical of tribe Betawi. It’s the sweetest legit most delicious to eat in cold. Although these one desserts are rarely found but still in demand by culinary connoisseurs. According to the remaining Selendang Mayang’s sellers, Selendang Mayang is a recipe gained from generation to generation from their ancestors. Despite the inheritance recipe, But the main ingredients used is not difficult to get i.e sago palm. The dough is made like gelatin, usually red or green color combined with white color so it is interesting to see. These beautiful colors are reminiscent of the color of the scarf. Hence the so-called ‘Selendang Mayang’ or Mayang Shawl. In Indonesian, Mayang is meant bunches of palm tree flowers that have not bloomed.

Sale of Selendang Mayang done traditionally

Severed pastry dough served with Javanese sugar syrup, coconut milk, and ice cube slices. It feels sweet with the delicious sensation of a savory taste of coconut milk. Eat in the cold make a fresh atmosphere.
In Betawi tradition, this dish is usually presented in Lebaran shades, wedding party, as appetizer menu, and other celebration event of Betawi nuance. For the Betawi people, the presence of this ice in these events, is believed to create a sense of belonging, warmth, and festivity. Not only exist in the event celebration, this drink is also sold by shouldered around the Old city in the area of Jakarta, and around the station Jatinegara.

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If you visit Indonesia and happen to be in Jakarta, you need luck to find this legendary Indonesian dessert. So, are you challenged enough to hunt for this legendary culinary in Indonesia?

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