Sepa Island view

As a country consisting of thousands of islands, certainly a lot of things that can be an attractive tourist destination that you can visit in Indonesia. Not only Bali, Raja Ampat, or Lombok is the mainstay destination in Indonesia, but there are more destinations that are not less exotic than the three destinations, and this is in the Capital City of Indonesia, Jakarta, namely Sepa Island.

Sepa Island is a private island that is well managed on the Kepulauan Seribu, staying on the Sepa Island the tourists can comfort in the night. The beauty of the Sepa Island will be welcome when we stepped in this island.

The white sand beach is sloping, the waves are quite soothing, and the shady trees will spoil us while on the island. Besides snorkeling is a thing that will not be missed by the tourists to see the coral under the sea.

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Although not populated, Pulau Sepa Resort is a private tourist destination that you deserve to consider if you want a vacation to the island of Thousand. This is a fitting destination for those of you who want to get away from the life of the capital city of Jakarta and want to enjoy the beautiful natural atmosphere and away from the congestion. Sepa Island is a suitable place to escape from fatigue. In contrast to other islands, Sepa Island is Manage and service well for guests who took the time to stay in it in a few days with full comfort.

One of Facilities in Sepa Island

The sprawling beaches and soft white sand make it one of the more promising by the foreign and local tourists, the capacity of the seaside inn. Pulau Sepa resort destination has various types of accommodation, from bamboo woven as well as permanent, all the guesthouse there are facilities: Ac, Television also bathroom, for the whole of the inn have total more 38 Cottage provided on the island.

Cottage Flipper Pulau Sepa Resort

The Tropical nuance of the island is also naturally refreshing, the waters that stretched on the Sepa Island so the background is also exciting dive exciting and exciting. Apart from being a place to live small fish and coral reefs.

Do not just imagine it, enter your holiday agenda to one of the exotic tourist destinations in Indonesia.


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