Indonesian students while participating in the spelling bee competition in Doha, Qatar. Source: KBRI Doha

the spelling bee competition which was recently held at the Phoenix Private School, Qatar, became its own proof for elementary school students from Indonesia by winning the competition. These students succeeded in winning 23 students from other countries. The students are Icha (Class 7B), Fatih Jauhar (Class 5A), Nayaka (Class 6A), Harlan (Class 6B), Raja (Class 4B) and Laetitia (Class 3B). 5 of them won the 3rd to 6th grade while the other students won the KS2 category or 7th to 9th grades.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Qatar, Middle Marshal (Ret.) M Basri Sidehabi appreciated the efforts of students who had become champions. He said the achievements of these students could improve Indonesia’s goals in Qatar. “Students’ achievements are in line with the efforts of the Indonesian Embassy in Doha to slowly improve the image of Indonesian citizens in Qatar, just like shifting stones,” Basri said in a statement received by AFP on Sunday (02/09/2020).

Basri said he would continue to encourage Indonesians, especially students, to take part in the competition. He hoped that other students could also score achievements for Indonesia in the eyes of the International.

“The Indonesian Embassy has always encouraged Indonesian citizens to continue to excel, starting from an early age. Like the children of Indonesian citizens of the Phoenix Private School,” he said.

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The spelling competition won by six Indonesian students is an annual competition held by the Phoenix Private School, one of the leading international schools in Doha, Qatar. In this competition, students are asked to memorize 200 words in English and spell them letter by letter randomly according to the examiner’s request.

The students also defeated 23 other students in the final round. They did this championship in the presence of 200 spectators.

With this achievement, it is hoped that this can be an inspiration for other students in Indonesia to continue to provide the best for Indonesia, and of course, the attention of the government to support all students by developing their potential and talents, especially in international competitions like this.


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