Stanve Avrilium Widjaja won the title Absolute Winner or the highest score among all participants in the 27th Tuymaada Mathematics Olympiad, Russia. Source:

Even though still hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, Indonesia is still producing achievements on the world stage. Good news this time comes from the 2020 International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) and at the 2020 Tuymaada International Olympiad. The competition, which was held in the Republic of Sakha, Russia, became a proving ground for Indonesia through the outstanding student from Stanve Avrilium Widjaja who won a gold medal brilliantly. The 12th-grade student of the Ipeka BSD Christian School managed to excel from 151 participants from 7 countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, and Iran, while the IMO event was attended by 616 participants from 105 countries, including the toughest competitors, namely China, Russia, and the United States (US).

“It is an honor to be able to present a gold medal for Indonesia at the 2020 IMO and Tuymaada 2020 events. Moreover, being able to compete with strong countries such as China, the United States and Russia in IMO and Tuymaada,” said Stanve Avrilium Widjaja in his press statement, Saturday. (17/10/2020).

Although this is the first time Stanve has participated in the IMO and Tuymaada events, Stanve’s first appearance at IMO immediately resulted in a Gold Medal, while at Tuymaada Stanve won the Gold Medal and Absolute Winner.

Generally for participants in other countries, they have taken part in the competition for two or even three times before winning a gold medal, so that their experience and mentality have been more mature.

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At the 2020 IMO, which is the most prestigious mathematics Olympiad in the world, Stanve won a gold medal and was ranked 22nd in the world or the best of all participants from Indonesia.
Meanwhile, in Tuymaada 2020, out of 21 Indonesian participants, only Stanve won gold. Stanve also received the title of Perfect Scorer as well as Absolute Winner or Champion (first place).

Principal of SMA Kristen Ipeka BSD, Kristhianto Nathanael Kainama, expressed his gratitude for this proud achievement.
“We at Ipeka BSD Christian School are very grateful to God. “Of course we feel happy and proud that Stanve Avrilium Widjaja has achieved extraordinary achievements and made Indonesia proud in two very prestigious international events,” he said.

According to Kristhianto, Stanve’s achievements certainly cannot be separated from the prayers, guidance and support of many parties. “Stanve has proven, with high fighting spirit, persistence, hard work and perseverance in a field of interest, it will be able to produce sweet results,” said Kristhianto.


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