Defia Rosmaniar while taking a picture with the medalists and the President

It did not take long, Indonesia succeeded in donating the first gold in Taekwondo branch obtained by the proud female Taekwondo athlete Defia Rosmaniar. Defia Rosmaniar won the gold medal after winning the women’s individual poomsae number at the Plenary Hall Jakarta Convention Center on Sunday (08/19/2018). In the final match, Defia Rosmaniar, defeats taekwondo fighter Iran, Marjan Salahshouri. After offering gold, Defia immediately cried. She ran to fly the Red and White flag, then approached President Jokowi who watched the match. The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, participated in witnessing the history of Indonesia’s first medal at the 2018 Asian Games. On the first day after the opening ceremony, he witnessed the struggle of the taekwondo athletes directly.

The Indonesian President presented the gold medal to Defia Rosmaniar Taekwondo Athlete, the first gold medalist at the 2018 Asian Games

President Jokowi watched the Indonesian contingent compete directly accompanied by the Chef de Mission (CdM) of the Indonesian Team, Komjen Pol. Syafruddin. Jokowi also had the opportunity to directly put the medal on Defia. Defia’s poomsae mastery capabilities have been proven by very satisfying results at the Asian Taekwondo Championship she had last May in Vietnam.

This gold medal was also the first time for Indonesian athletes in Taekwondo sports throughout the Asian Games history. The government promised a bonus of up to billions of rupiah to Defia Rosmaniar. The taekwondo athlete succeeded in donating gold at the 2018 Asian Games, Sunday, August 19, 2018.

Indonesian women’s Taekwondoin Rosmaniar Defia (right) faced Iranian female Taekwondo athlete Marjan Salahshouri in the women’s singles poomsae final at the 2018 Asian Games at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Defia won and won a gold medal for Indonesia.

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Previously, Defia was recorded to often get proud achievements in the same event, quoted from the official website of PBTI (Indonesian Taekwondo Executive Board), Defia managed to bring a Silver medal for the female Team of National Championship from the Korean Ambassador.

Defia also managed to bring home gold at the 2016 Female Individual Pon Jabar XIX, the female team of 2016 PonJabar XIX, the senior female national team of Lombok Mataram 2016 students, and the Silver medal for female senior students of Lombok Mataram 2016.
This sweet-faced and veiled athlete revealed the key to her victory. She wasn’t afraid even though she had to face tough opponents from Korea in the semifinals, Yun Ji-hye.

“It was during the semifinal that I was also able to fight Korea. Thank God, my confidence increased. In my mind, I was only able, able, and able. Yes, I was able to defeat them,” said the athlete born in 1995.

This gold medal is the result of his hard work so far. Before the 2018 Asian Games, Defia and the Indonesian taekwondo team underwent training in South Korea. TC in Korea is the toughest period she must live.

One more thing that makes the gold medal moment special is the presence of President Jokowi. Defia was even more excited when she found out the president was in the audience.

Defia Rosmaniar, the first gold medalist in the Taekwondo branch in Asian Games 2018

“It’s not really funny though there is Pak Jokowi. He was called, Mr. Jokowi congratulated and succeeded,” she said.

Defia also expressed hope after winning the gold medal in the 2018 Asian Games. “Hopefully Indonesian taekwondo can be more global and more advanced,” she said.

She also gave this first gold medal to all Indonesian athletes who fought at the 2018 Asian Games. “Stay motivated, fight to the end,” said Defia.


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